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Valentines Day Short I Word Mats

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These free Valentines Day Short I Word Mats are a great way to work on CVC words.

FREE Short I Word Mats - this is such a fun activities for practicing CVC words, vowel activities, and kids practicing letters. This is way more fun than worksheets - it is simple to get ready and perfect for extra practice or literacy center

Teaching children to read is an adventure. Some children will pick it up almost instinctively, while others need practice. These little guys need hands-on activities and multiple exposures. You can play games, or use clip cards. CVC word building mats are anoter way to allow children to practice letter sounds and putting those letter sounds together to make a work. Or to practice sounding out words.

Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, This activity has a fun heart theme and focuses on short i cvc words.

Valentines Day Short I Word Mats

Valentines Day Short I Word Mats

Prep – Work:

  1. First, print off all pages on card stock paper (or laminate for durability)
  2. Next, cut out pictures and letters
  3. Children pick a picture and place it in the square below the heart.
  4. Then the child will use the letters to spell the word pictured
Valentines Day Short I Word Mats

There are a couple of different ways you can do this, and it all depends on the level of your child.

Option 1:

If your child or students are independent, you can simply spread all the letters out and place the pictures in a pile. Then the students will draw a picture card, and use the letters to spell it.


Option 2:

Sometimes, a lot of letters may overwhelm a child. In this situation, you could choose four or five words. Then find the letters that are needed to spell the words. This way the student can still work independently, but not be overwhelmed or get distracted trying to find the letters.

Option 3:

If your little one is struggling with sounding out words, then you want to support as much as possible. I would recommend choosing just three words, and the letters needed. Then help the child say the word the picture represents. Next, you can help them say the sounds, and then figure out what letter they represent.

For example, you kiddo draws the card with the picture of a pig on it.

First, have the child say the name of the picture. (pig)
Next, have them make the beginning letter sound. (pppppp)
If they don’t automatically identify it, you can follow up with prompting them to tell you what letter the “pppp” sound represents.
Now, have them find that letter.
Continue with the vowel and then the final consonant.
Finally, finish up with either helping them or modeling how to sound out the word.

Have fun practice spelling and reading CVC words with your young ones.


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