March 3, 2023
Long ee Words BINGO – Vowel Teams Game

Long ee Words BINGO – Vowel Teams Game


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Make learning to read long ee words for kids FUN with this super cute, free printable Long e Sound BINGO! In this phonics game, first graders will work with long ee sound in an engaging vowel team game. Simply print pdf file with long vowel ee words activity with ee phonics sound. Make learning to read long ee words FUN with this super cute, free printable Long e Sound BINGO! In this phonics game, first graders will work with long ee sound in an engaging vowel team game. Simply print pdf file with long vowel ee words activity with ee phonics sound.

ee Words for kids

Getting children to practice reading long ee words while playing games is a win, win. First, they are reading words….always counts as a win in my house. And it especially counts as a win when you have a child that struggles with reading. Second, the kiddos are having fun. And that is always a win! So today, we are uisng a vowel team activities to work on the long e sound while playing Bingo. This grade 1 phonics activity is great for practicing reading long ee sound words!

the ee words game

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> _____ <<. The phonics bingo pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template. Long ee Sound Words

ee Sound Words

With just a few minutes of prep-work, you and your little readers will be ready to work on reading “ee” words.

  1. First, print off the number of boards that you need, 1 set of word cards, and 1 copy of page 10 (that is the cheat sheet)!
  2. Next, cut out the words.
  3. Finally, gather up some type of board markers, (we used transparent circles) and you are ready to go!!

long e sound

Vowel team games printable

Isn’t it nice when we get to work on letters that follow the rules. Well, the “ee” follows the vowel team rule. When two vowels go a walkin, the first one does the talkin.  That means that when we see “ee”, we can teach our children to say the long e sound or say the letter e.

I also like the saying, “ee, climb the tree”.

However you teach it, it is important that our kiddos know that when reading “ee” words, they make the long e sound as in tree, fee, and coffee. But of course, if the “ee” is next to an “L”, the sound changes a little. Before playing the game, I would practice words like

  • reel
  • peel
  • wheel
  • steel
  • heel
  • kneel
  • feel

vowel teams game

ee Vowel Words

The game is just like any other bingo game, except you want to make sure that each child playing is reading the words. When I played with my little ones, I would pass a word out to both of them at the same time. They would then sound it out, and then find that word on the Bingo sheet.

Just as a heads up, you may need to explain a few of the pictures. The other long vowel ee words included are: wheel, weed, screen, reel, canteen, peel, heel, cheese, fee, see, speech, queen, beet, bee, street, teeth, coffee, feet, tree, beet, fifteen, seed, green, jeep.

  • Reel – part of a fishing rod
  • Coffee – drink it out of a mug
  • fee – you have to pay a fee to get your ticket
  • speech – in comic books we show that someone is speaking when we put a bubble above the head
  • weed – dandelions are normally considered a weed not a flower (don’t tell my little guy who is always bringing them in to me)
  • canteen – is like a water bottle

Words with ee Sound

When someone gets five in a row, they win. And look at all the words they read. It is truly a win, win situation.

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ee words worksheet

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