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Spelling Long A Words Practice

When your first grader student is ready to move on to long vowel sounds, you will love this handy Spelling Long A Words printable practice activity!

When your first grader student is ready to move on to long vowel sounds, you will love this handy Spelling Long A Words printable practice activity! 

Long A Words

When you are teaching kids to read, it begins with a focus on short vowels. It starts with simple CVC words like cat, and then you begin to add blends to make words like cast.  But finally, your grade 1 student is ready to move onto spelling long a words.  This fun, free printable phonics activity is a great way to help 1st graders improve their spelling skills as they work with long a sound words.

fun, free printable Long Vowel Activity for grade 1

Long A Sound

Before starting this activity, you will want to practice spelling these words with your kiddos. There needs to be direct instruction regarding the sound the a makes when they see “ay” or “ai”.

Once they have practiced making the “long a” sound, then it is time to practice spelling the words.

You can start by having them spell all the “ay” words: bay, day, say, ray, fray, bray, gray, pray, spray, stray, and sway are just a few you could start with.

Then let them practice spelling “long a” words using “ai”: rain, braid, brain, strain, train, paint, paid, pail, mail, sail, tail, nail, chain,

practice 1st grade spelling Long A Words

Long Vowel Activity

Parents, teachers, and homeschoolers will appreciate that this long a vowel activity requires very little prep-work.

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> Download <<. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie and print the template.  Now print off the pages. This long vowel practice is in color to make it fun and engaging for children working to improve spelling and phonics skills. Finally, gather up magnetic letter a, i, and y.

If you prefer, you could place the sheets in a sheet protector and get dry erase markers.

Long A Sound with first grade students

Spelling Long A Words

Now it is time to see if your kiddos can remember when to use ay vs ai.

  1. First, say the word the picture on your long a worksheets represents.
  2. They let your child spell the word using the letters ai or ay.
  3. Once they have spelled it, have them read it by running their finger under each letter and saying that sound. Remember to focus on correctly making the “long a” sound. When you move into reading the words independently, you want them to recognize that “ay” and “ai” make the “long a” sound.
  4. When they are done, ask them if they notice anything. They may see that “ay” is used at the end of the word, while most of the time “ai” is used in the middle of the word.

Have you little ones do these sheets numerous times. Once they are comfortable spelling “long a” words, they will also be ready to start reading them.

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Long A Spelling Practice

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