March 3, 2023
Snowman Phonics Activity Reading oi Sound Words

Snowman Phonics Activity Reading oi Sound Words


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This cute snowman themed oi sound words activity is great for helping first graders improve reading and spelling skills! The sound oi is another vowel team that early learners need to master as they learn phonics skills. SImply print oi sound words printable and you are ready to read, play, and learn!
This cute snowman themed oi sound words activity is great for helping first graders improve reading and spelling skills! The sound oi is another vowel team that early learners need to master as they learn phonics skills. SImply print oi sound words printable and you are ready to read, play, and learn!

oi Sound Words

Working though the vowel teams seem endless. We have covered so many already, and now we are heading into another with a fun sound – sound oi. As we learn abou tthe vowel team that makes the oi sound words, grade 1 students will continue improving phonics skills as they read and spell oi phonics. Thisoi sound phonics has a fun winter theme perfect for 1st graders to work on during December, January, and February! Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, you will love this oi sound activity!

Sound oi

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >>_____<<. The oi vowel team pdf file will open in a new window for you to save your freebie. oi phonics

The Vowel Team /oi/

This week my little girl is focusing on the letters oi. Many times when two letters are together, the first one does the talking. In other words the frist letter of the vowel team makes a long sound or says it’s name. But that is not the case with this vowel team. It make the sound heard in words like oil, rejoice, soy, and decoy. Now you may have noticed that there are two main ways of making this fun sound. The first way is with they oy. It is found at the end of the word or at the end of a syllable. And we will focus on that in another lesson. The other way is with the oi. It is found at the beginning of words or syllables (like oil), or in the middle of words or syllables (like soil). And today, I have a simple activity to get our little ones reading and writing these /oi/ words. oi sound phonics

oi phonics

With just a few materials this activity will be ready to play.

  1. First, print off the pages you want your student to work on.
  2. If you want them to be used over and over, laminate them or place them in sheet protectors.
  3. Next, gather up a pencil and paper clip, purchase a spinner, or use a brad and arrow to creat a spinner.
  4. Finally, provide a dry erase marker or pencil and you are ready to go.

oi sound phonics

Now it is time to practice reading oi words. Before you begin, remind your little ones what sound the /oi/ makes, and let them practice saying that sound out loud.

Next, have them tell you where we will find the /oi/. (At the beginning and middle of a word or syllable.) Then have them predict which word they will read the most, least, etc. Sound oi

oi Sound

And it is time to play:

  1. First, have your little one spin the spinner.
  2. Next, let them read the word out loud.
  3. Now. have them find that word on the graph.
  4. Finally, have them write the words in the rectangles above the word.

Keep doing this until one column is completely filled up. And you can end by checking to see if their predictions were correct.

It is just another way to practice reading oi words.

These free 'ow' sliders are a great way to practice reading words with the ow sound like cow and brown. I love sliders to quickly work on certain sounds. It allows kindergarten and first graders to quickly practice phonics ow wordsb over and over again. And so as we continue to work on vowel teams, I made some sliders to help her work on the phonics ow sound. Simply print vowel printables and you are ready to work on reading and spelling skills. Practice reading "ou" words with this fun Race to the Top game. This fun phonics game for first graders is a great way to practice the ou phonic sound with an engaging activity that will appeal to grade 1 students. To play this ou words game, simply print the pages, grab a do a dot marker, and you are ready to play and learn! This fun spelling long o activity is a great way to help first graders improve their phonics skills to improve reading and speling. This activity focuses on long o words with oe and oa spelling of the long o sound. Simply print the fun long vowel activity that focuses on oe words phonics and oa words phonics. If you are working on the oa phonic sound with your kindergarten and first grade students, you will love these oa phonics games! This oa sound games uses free printable vowel team puzzles to make learning fun! Simply print the phonic sound oa printable and you are ready to play and learn about vowel teams!

Long o Vowel Teams

Vowel Puzzles FREE Missing Vowels Clip Cards - Help kids fill in the missing letters and practice phonics with Missing Vowels Clip Cards - a fun, hands-on learning activity for prek & kindergartners. These super cute sliders are a fun, effecitve way for first grade and 2nd grade students to learn irregular vowels. Children will have fun with this clever irregular verb activity and parents will love all the irregular verbs practice. Simply print pdf file with irregular verb game and you are ready to play and learn long o followed by ld, lt, and st as well as long o followed by nd and ld.

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Phonics oi words

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