March 3, 2023
FREE Printable ed Endings Worksheets

FREE Printable ed Endings Worksheets


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Practice reading ed words endings with that make the d sound with these ed endings worksheets. This ed activity is a fun, no prep, phonics activities for first grade students. Simply print the ed worksheets and have fun practice ed endings with your grade 1 students.

Practice reading ed words endings with that make the d sound with these ed endings worksheets. This ed activity is a fun, no prep, phonics activities for first grade students. Simply print the ed worksheets and have fun practice ed endings with your grade 1 students.
ed endings Worksheets

My little girl is taking a break from vowel teams, and we are on our second week of learning about words that end with “ed”. In the first week, we focused on “ed’ words that make the “t” sound. For the most part, we just practiced reading lots of words that made the “t” sound. The rule is a tough one for our little ones, but if you feel the need, it can be taught. The easiest way is to have your little one put your hand on their throat and say the root word. If they do not feel a vibration when they reach the last consonant sound, then the “ed” will make the “t” sound. The consonants that are unvoiced, or do not make a vibration, are K, S, Ch, Sh, F, P, and Th.

If the root word ends with the “t” or “d” sound, the “ed” will make the “d” sound. And the rest of the words, for the most part, make a voiced sound….you should feel a vibration. When you feel that vibration the “ed” will make the “d” sound. And today we are focusing on those words with a fun “ed” word search.

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Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >>_____<<. The ed endings pdf file will open in a new window for you to save your freebie. how to pronounce ed endings

ed Worksheets

This sheet requires no prep.

  1. First, print off the pages
  2. Next, gather up a pencil or colored pencils.

And you are ready to go. ed endings

Reading Words Ending with “ed” that make the “d” sound

This worksheet is just a fun way of getting our little ones to practice reading words ending with “ed” that make the “d” sound. Before they start looking for words, have them read the five words on the page. Remind them that these “ed” words will all make the “d” sound.

Then have them begin looking for the words in the word search. When they find one have them color in each letter while sounding out the word. Once again, when they get to the “ed” remind them that these words all make the “d” sound. ed worksheets

Ed Activity

As an extra challenge, you could have them color in the consonants one color, the vowels or vowels team another, and the “ed” a third color. This might help them as they sound out the words.

For example, with sailed, you will color the s blue, the ai (a vowel team that says the long a sound) red, the l blue, and finally the “ed” yellow.

It is just one more way to help our little ones read these fun words and recognize the vowel teams or short vowel sounds they have already learned.

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ed Endings

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