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Ending Blends Do a Dot Printables

Help first graders practice with s blends using these fun, FREE Printable on Ending Blends themed Do a Dot Printables.

Help first graders practice with s blends to improve reading fluency by using these fun, FREE Printable on Ending Blends themed Do a Dot Printables. 

Ending Blends

Teaching a child to read can be so much fun, and there are so many other ways to work on reading than being in a book (Though that is very important.)

There are reading games, clip cards, worksheets and so much more that drill in the lesson you are teaching. And today we have a Do-A-Dot worksheet that focuses on ending s blends.

Children will see a picture, see the first few letters of the word, and then dot the correct ending. All the endings will either be “sp”, “st”, or “sk”.

S Blends Worksheet

S Blends Worksheet

I love activities that require little or no prep-work, and this is one of them.  Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post and click on the text link that says >> Download <<. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie. Now print the free first grade worksheet in black line so you can save on link.

Now grab Do-A-Dot markers (also called bingo markers, bingo daubers, do a dot markers, etc) in your favorite colors and you are ready to improve reading fluency with grade 1 students.

Ending blends Worksheet

Ending blends Worksheet

Before jumping into these worksheets, the children need to be exposed to the s blends. There are many different ways you could do this. My favorite is having them practice spelling them with magnetic letters. You could do picture sorts, and have them sort pictures into “SP’, “SK” and “SP” categorizes. Or grab some clip cards have them practice reading these words before they try out the ending s blend worksheet.

Whatever you do, your goal is to have your children recognizing the sound that each “S blend” makes.

first grade worksheets

Ending S Blend Worksheet

Now it is time for fun….finding the correct s blend.

  1. First, have your child say the word the picture represents. (vest)
  2. Then, sound out the letters in the next box. (vvvvv, eeee)
  3. Now, ask what s blend they should use to spell the words. (st)
  4. For the fun part, they get to dot that circle with the Do-A-Dot markers.
  5. Finally, if they are able, have them write the correct s blend on the blank lines.

And that is it. Your kiddos get to practice reading, spelling and saying “s blends” with this simple worksheet.

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