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Find and Dot Ending Blend Activity

Kids will have fun working on ending blends with this free printable find and dot blend activity for first graders.

Kids will have fun working on ending blends with this free printable find and dot blend activity for first graders.

Ending Blends

In case you forgot,  ending blends consists of two adjoining consonants at the end of a word that each make their own sound. Like in the word lamp the “m” and “p” each make their own sound. Another type of word ending is a digraph. Digraphs are when the two sounds at he end make a new sound like in the word back. The “ck” makes the sound /k/.

Last month I shared a fun game that helps 1st grade students work on L blends. This month we will learn about another ending blend – n blends with a fun activity. These blends include words that end in nd, (stand), nk (stink) and nt (tent). These find and dot sheets help our kiddos recognize the correct spellings of these words.

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fun hands on ending blends practice for first graders using do a dot markers

N Blends

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> Download <<. The pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie. Now print the 8 pages filled with various ending n blends for your grade 1 child to practice. You can use them with do a dot markers (also known as bingo daubers, bingo markers, etc.) or laminate the pages to make them reusable and use with snap cubes, playdough balls, buttons, etc. If you are a teacher using this in a classroom I highly suggest making it reusable for a literacy center to help kids improve reading and phonics skills!

For parents and homeschoolers -take your pick of the best way to use this phonics activity with your children keeping in mind that practice, practice, practice is how you achieve fluency and confidence as you teach your child to read.

grade 1 students will work on Words with n blends to improve phonics skills and reading skills

First Grade Printables

Before you jump into having your kiddos find and dot these fun N blends, it is important they know the sounds the “n” blends make and have practiced spelling them.

I love using magnetic letters for this activity, but I like using the ones in which all the consonants are one color and the vowels are a different color. Sometimes those vowels get lost as they focus on getting the blends right, and it is always good to remind them that every word has to have a vowel. Or in our case, every word has to have a red letter….those are vowels.

I also love to work on one vowel at a time. Sometimes the vowel makes a different sound when it is next to a blend, and working all the words that use that vowel help our little ones with these odd vowel sounds.


Words with Ending Blends

Here are some group of words you to have them spell before the n blends find and dot activity. And if you want to switch it up a little, try this same activity digitally.

  • “nd” blends – and, land, sand, hand, band, bend, tend, lend, send, mend, fend, fund, fond, pond,
  • “nt” blends – mint, lint, tint, hint, hunt, runt, bunt, punt, pant, ant, rant, rent, bent, bunt, hunt, punt, runt,
  • “nk” blends – think, drink, rink, wink, sink, sank, bank, rank, plank, tank

fun, free 1st grade printable activity for practicing Words with Ending Blends

Blends Activity

Now it is time for the find and dot blend activity. It is very simple!

Say the word for the picture in the middle of the page, then have them dot all the words that are spelled correctly. There are five to six words on each page that are spelled correctly.

If your child dots a word that is spelled incorrectly, talk about it. Have them tell you why they dotted it. Ask how it is different than the word that is spelled correctly. Or have them sound out the word and see what it says.

Enjoy the time that they get to play with Do-A-Dot markers, and practice reading words with “N” blends.


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