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Telling Time Puzzles

Give kids the practice they need telling time with these fun, free printable telling time puzzles for kindergarten, 1st grade , and 2nd grade students.

FREE Telling Time Puzzles - super cute math game to help kindergarten and first grade students learn to tell time with a clock game for kids! #mathgames #kindergarten #kindergartenmath #1stgrade #grade1math

Telling Time Puzzles

One of the most important math skills kids learn in the elementary years is telling time.  They need to learn not only how to tell time, but also how to solve more advanced problems involving time. It often seems, however, that my daughter needs a lot of practice and review.

To help her, I created this fun telling time puzzle activity and I’m excited to share them with you!

I have already spent time explaining how a clock works, and teaching the difference between the hour and the minutes. We’ve also read this telling time story book. Unfortunately, whenever I give her review problems or ask her to tell me the time, I feel like I have to reteach it! She struggles to remember which hand is which, and how to figure out the minutes.

Time Games

This  time puzzle printable is perfect for classroom teachers, parents, and homeschoolers who are learning to add to unit teaching students to tell time to the hour and half hour.  This is great for a math center, extra practice, summer learning, and more. I recommend this activity for prek, kindergarten math, grade 1 math, and grade 2 math.

these handy math puzzles are a great time games for teaching prek, kindergarten, and first graders to tell time to the hour and half hour

Telling Time Activity

So I decided to make time practice a more regular part of our routine by creating these clock games, which she can play with and practice anytime.

We’ve used puzzles before to work on important concepts, and it always makes practice so much more fun!

She enjoys practicing with these, and I like that it’s an activity that she can work on independently. Once she’s finished matching the puzzle pieces, I can check to see if she matched them correctly.

FUN telling time activity - free printble clock game to help kids practice telling time to the hour, half hour, and 15 minutes with kindergarten, grade 1 math, and grade 2 math.

Telling Time Games

Having to find matching pieces also helps her self check because if she mixes up the hour or the minutes and doesn’t see that answer as an option, she knows she’s done something wrong.

I would encourage your kids to sometimes look at the analog clocks and find the appropriate match, and other times to use the digital display and find the matching clock.

That way they get used to telling time both ways.

telling time games to help kids practice telling time on both a digital and anlog clock

Telling Game for Kids

Included in this download are 24 puzzles. One part of the two piece clock puzzles shows the analog clock and other shows the digital time.

  • 12 puzzle pieces practie time to the hour and half hour
  • 12 pieces show 15 minutes past and 15 minutes to the hour.

To download the free pdf file, scroll to the bottom of the post and put your email address in the box. If you are already a subscriber the system will confirm your address is on our database and send you the file immediately to your email. If you are new to us – you will get a welcome email and be added to our free newsletter so you can keep up on all our educational activities, free printables, and math games.  The link will also be emailed to – simply print whichever puzzles you would like to use.

I suggest using a laminator for durability and then cut out the puzzle pieces. Then you can give them to your kids to put together! I hope you find these puzzles to be a fun and simple way for kids to practice telling time! And if you need more practice, try this fun Spring-themed set of time practice pages! You can store the math puzzles in a ziplock bag so you are ready to practice again and again to gaim math fluency.

FREE Telling Time Mazes free printable telling time game for prek, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd graders FREE Insect Telling Time Puzzles

Free Telling Time Activities for Kids

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free printable time puzzles for kindergarnters and first graders

Time Puzzles

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