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FREE Ending Blends Worksheets

Grab these no prep, FREE printable Ending Blends Worksheets to help your first grader learn phonics skills that will help them become better reading and spelling.

Grab these no prep, FREE printable Ending Blends Worksheets to help your first grader learn phonics skills that will help them become better reading and spelling.

Ending Blends

Ending blends. There are so many of them, and they have been quite a struggle for my grade 1 students to master. So I’ve decided to buckle down and spend a couple of weeks, working through these blends and getting where they are easy peasy.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – you will love these simple ending blends worksheets that focus on “L blends” are just one way we are working on them. All they have to do is Read It and Dot It. Use these for summer learning, extra practice, supplement, or in a literacy center in your classroom.

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What is an Ending Blend?

As a reminder, there are two types of blend endings for words: ending blends and digraphs. An ending blend is two adjoining consonants that each make their own sound; a digraph has two letters that make just one sound.

  • ENDING BLEND – An example of an ending blend is in the word “sink”. You make a sound for both ending letters nk. Say it out loud slowly and listen for both sounds. Make sense?
  • DIGRAPH – An example of a digraph would be in the word “truck”. The ck makes a single sound /k/

phonics worksheets are a great, no prep activity to help grade 1 improve reading and spelling skills

Words with Ending Blends

Say the words out loud, you can hear the difference right? There are many words in the English language that contain ending blends. We teach phonics to help children decipher words so they can read and spell. Teaching the different sounds at the end of the word is another rule for them to understand. Here are some other consonants that make ending blends in words:

–st, –sk, –sp, –nd, –nt, –nk, –mp, –rd, –ld, –lp, –rk, –lt, –lf, –pt, –ft, –ct

phonics printable to help 1st grade work on phonics for kids

Ending Blends Worksheets

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> Download <<.  The pdf file will open in a new window for you to print the freebie. These worksheets require very little prep work and can be done in a few different ways. First, print off the black and white pages that you need in on plain paper. Then decide how you would like to use them.

  1. Dot it! – Grab so Do-A-Dot markers and let the kids dot away,
  2. Cover It – Simply get some round manipulatives to cover up the circle and you are ready to go.
  3. Color It – Gather up some crayons, get in some fine motor skills, and let your little ones color the answer.

Phonics Worksheets

I have found that one of my little learners does much better reading when we have spent time spelling the words first. And this is so important with these tricky “l blends”. Our little ones need to hear the word being said, repeating the word as they sound it out, and find the letters that make those sounds.

Words you may want to practice are:

  • LD Ending Blends: fold, old, told, cold, bald
  • LT Ending Blends: melt, quilt, belt, bolt, salt,
  • LF Ending Blends: golf, wolf, shelf, elf, self
  • LK Ending Blends: talk, yolk, chalk, milk, walk
  • LP Ending Blends: help, gulp

free 1st grade worksheets to work on ending blends

Free 1st grade worksheets

As you were spelling out these fun words, you probably noticed that when “a” and “l” where together you heard all sound.  And that the o did not make a short o sound when it was with the l.

Knowing that our children need practice reading those different sounds, I placed all the words with “a” on one page, and the words with “o” on a different page. This way they could focus on these words in isolation and get comfortable with the sound that the “a” and “o” make in these words.

The rest of the vowels thankfully make the short vowel sound, so they mixed up through the rest of the pages.  All your little ones have to do is read the word and choose the correct picture.

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Phonics Fun

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First Grade Printables

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bingo marker worksheets to help grade 1 read ending blends

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  • The Ending Blends Worksheet is not at the bottom of this post to download. Instead, the Phonics Game is available to download. A great resource as well, but I would also love to have the Ending Blends Worksheet. Thank you!

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