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12 Hands-on Battery Experiments for Kids

Explore the world of chemistry with these fun battery experiments for kids!  Create simple circuits, a simple powered motor, and a “robot” from one of science’s greatest inventions!!  Your science loving kiddos, from Kindergarten and up, will love these battery experiments!

12 Hands-on Battery Experiments for Kids - so many fun, creative science activities for kids of all ages from preschool, kindergarten, to elementary age kids #scienceprojects #scienceactivities #kidsactivities

Did you know the invention of the battery dates back to the late 1700’s?  Yep, this simple to understand TED Talk shows how the invention of the battery all started from a disagreement from two men and a frog!   Take a moment to watch and check out various other sites to learn more about batteries!

Fun Battery Facts for Kids

  • The first battery was created by Alessandro Volta in 1800 (the term “voltage” gets it’s namesake from him).
  • A battery uses chemistry to produce electricity.
  • A battery is made up of three parts: a negative charge, a positive charge, and an electrolyte.
Let’s take a quick moment to reflect on just how reliant we are on batteries…  our cell phones, remote control cars, many children’s toys, etc!  Think of what life would be like if everything had to be plugged in all the time for it to work!!
Fascinating to think about, isn’t it?  Learn more about how batteries work by these 12 hands-on battery science experiments for kids!!


Battery Experiments for Kids

Which Battery Last the Longest?  |  Don’t we ALL want to know the answer to this question?!  Set up a science experiment testing several different batteries.  Then make sure you come back here and comment your findings!!

Coin Battery |  Did you know you can make a battery out of coins?  It’s true!  Teach Beside Me shows you how you can turn your couch cushion change into a small battery.

Tiny Dancers Homopolar Motor | Babble Dabble Do shows you a fun and simple way to introduce your children to electricity.  Anyone interested in making a wire ballerina “dance?”

Homemade Wigglebot |  Research Parent turns an ordinary paper cup into a moving and grooving “robot.”  This battery experiment would be enjoyed by kids of all ages!

Super Simple Circuit |  No need for fancy wires and tape, What do We Do All Day?  shows you how easy it is to make a simple circuit using household materials.  This is a great battery experiment to help kids tinker and explore electricity.

DIY Light Up Card |  Using a simple circuit, turn your battery experiment into a sweet craft for a friend!  Great way to learn AND create!

Battery Experiments

Fruit Battery |  Carrots Are Orange shows how to use fruit to create an electrical charge!  So fun!  This would be a great experiment to add to your Kitchen Science Unit!

Dirt Battery Science Experiment |  Did you know you can make a battery out of dirt?  Me neither! Check out Teach Beside Me for a great visual “how-to” for this battery experiment for kids.

Battery Powered Traffic Light |  Move beyond simple circuits to make a traffic light with aluminum foils switches.  This cool battery experiment would be great for older kids!

Potato Battery Science Experiment |  Try this cool battery science experiment from STEAM Powered Family, using a potato to light up an LED battery!  That is a lot of energy!

Salt Circuit |  If your kids love building circuits, this Rainbow Salt Experiment is a MUST TRY!

Electromagnetic Train |  Fascinate your science loving kiddos with this fun “electric” train using a train “car” comprised of a battery.

Many of these battery experiments for kids are totally do-able with household materials, so pick a few to try for some hands-on science fun!

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