March 3, 2023
FREE Printable Color by oo Sound Words Worksheet

FREE Printable Color by oo Sound Words Worksheet


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Practice reading oo words with this fun spin and color activity. Kids will work on identifying and reading oo sound words with this coloring phonics activity. Simply print the oo sound worksheets with a fun fall theme to practice long o words with kindergarten and first grade students. Practice reading oo words with this fun spin and color activity. Kids will work on identifying and reading oo sound words with this coloring phonics activity. Simply print the oo sound worksheets with a fun fall theme to practice long o words with kindergarten and first grade students.

oo Sound Words

English is confusing! Especially for our little kiddos who are struggling to figure out all the rules. And this one is just as hard. The vowel team /oo/ is a crazy one. It makes two sounds, and there is no rhyme or reason to why they make the sound they do. In fact, when teaching the /oo/ sound, you almost have to teach both of them. That way if they try one sound, and it doesn’t make a word they know, then they can try the other sound.

But today, we are going to focus on just one of the sounds. And this simple spin and color activity is a great way to practice reading oo words. All you need are the oo words worksheet and the included pritnable spinner to read and color oo sound words with your kindergartners and garde 1 students.

oo Words Worksheet

Start by scrolling to the bottom of the post, under the terms of use, and click on the text link that says >> _____ <<. The oo sound worksheets pdf file will open in a new window for you to save the freebie template. oo Sound Worksheets

oo Words

The sound we are working on today is called the long u sound because you can almost hear the long u sound in it. Think about seeing or touching something gross and saying, “Ewwww.” That is the long u sound made by /oo/ in words like zoo and boo. And in fact, is the most common.

Unfortunately, /oo/ also makes the short u sound. Think about words like mud and fun, and you can hear the similarity of the vowel sound in words like food and roof. It isn’t exact but may give children a reference when trying out the different sounds. Long oo sound worksheets

oo Sound Worksheets

In only a few minutes, you will be ready to practice reading /oo/ words.

  1. First print off the pages you need. I highly recommend printing the spinners on card stock paper. (Pages 2 and 3 are the coloring pages that go with the spinner of page 4.)
  2. Next use a paper clip and pencil to make a spinner. Or you can purchase ones from Amazon.
  3. Finally, gather up crayons or colored pencils, and you are ready to go.

vowel team oo

Long oo sound worksheets

Now it is time to read those /oo/ words.

The first couple of pages are your basic one-syllable words. Your little ones will spin the spinner and read words like pool, room, school, and shoot. Once they have read the word on the spinner, they should find the words on the paper, read it again, and then color it in. Once all the words are colored in, then they can color in the rest of the picture.

The last two spinners, add a little bit of a challenge. They are two-syllable words. If you are doing these pages with your kiddos, I highly suggest you let them practice reading the words on a whiteboard first. This way they can divide them up into syllables, and practice saying each syllable.

Long o Sound words

For example:

shampoo – sham is a closed-door syllable, and poo would be the vowel team syllable

raccoon – Now this is a fun one. You would think raccoon would be spelled with one c. But then the ra would be an open door syllable and make the long a sound. So you double the c, so that the first syllable is closed and the a makes the short sound. The second syllable, /coon/ is once again the vowel team.

Overall, it is a fun way to practice reading /oo/ words. And if your kiddo is still working on initial sounds, don’t miss these free Beginning Sounds Worksheets with Dauber Markers

These free 'ow' sliders are a great way to practice reading words with the ow sound like cow and brown. I love sliders to quickly work on certain sounds. It allows kindergarten and first graders to quickly practice phonics ow wordsb over and over again. And so as we continue to work on vowel teams, I made some sliders to help her work on the phonics ow sound. Simply print vowel printables and you are ready to work on reading and spelling skills. Practice reading "ou" words with this fun Race to the Top game. This fun phonics game for first graders is a great way to practice the ou phonic sound with an engaging activity that will appeal to grade 1 students. To play this ou words game, simply print the pages, grab a do a dot marker, and you are ready to play and learn! This fun spelling long o activity is a great way to help first graders improve their phonics skills to improve reading and speling. This activity focuses on long o words with oe and oa spelling of the long o sound. Simply print the fun long vowel activity that focuses on oe words phonics and oa words phonics. If you are working on the oa phonic sound with your kindergarten and first grade students, you will love these oa phonics games! This oa sound games uses free printable vowel team puzzles to make learning fun! Simply print the phonic sound oa printable and you are ready to play and learn about vowel teams!

Long o Vowel Teams

Help kids practice discriminating between how the long a sound is spelled in words using these super cute, free printable, Long A Worksheet. Print the vowel coloring pages and have fun working on spelling and phonics with your first grade student.  Practice vowel team "ai" with this fun no-prep game long a game. This free printable phonics game helps first graders work on ai words. Children work their way around the game board as they read ai sound words. Simply print pdf file with words with ai in them and you are ready to play and learn!  When your first grader student is ready to move on to long vowel sounds, you will love this handy vowel activity. This long a sound words worksheet uses letter tiles for a hands-on long vowel activity  for grade 1. Simply print long a sound words pdf file and you are ready to play and learn! identifying long and short vowel sounds worksheets pdf

Long vowel sounds worksheets

Looking for more practice with the long a sound? Check out these free printables:

Vowel Puzzles FREE Missing Vowels Clip Cards - Help kids fill in the missing letters and practice phonics with Missing Vowels Clip Cards - a fun, hands-on learning activity for prek & kindergartners.

Vowels Printables

looking for more fun vowel activities and resources to make learning to read and spell words fun? Check these out!

Practice reading oo sound words with this fun spin and color activity. FREE printable loo worksheets with a fun fall theme .

oo Sound Worksheets pdf

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