November 13, 2023
Grinch Themed Party

Grinch Themed Party


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This super cute and easy to make grinch themed party is sure to be a hit for classroom parties, preschool fun, or a December birthday party ideas. From Grinch snacks like green grinchy jello to Max pudding cups, Grinch craft decorations like a peppermint twist Christmas Tree, and Grinch Activities for December – this is sure to be a huge hit!

Grinch Theme Party - This super cute and easy to make grinch themed party is sure to be a hit for classroom parties, preschool fun, or a December birthday party ideas. From Grinch snacks like green grinchy jello to Max puding cups, Grinch craft decorations like a peppermint twist Christmas Tree, and Grinch Activities for December - this is sure to be a huge kit!

Grinch Themed Party

My youngest daughter has a birthday when the Christmas decorations are already up. That makes it a little tricky to have a theme when your house is already themed for Christmas. Then it hit me, a grinch themed party  would be perfect! It was super cute and a huge hit so I thought I’d share it with you. So take a peak at our cute grinch games, Christmas food, and more in our grinch party. This is such a December idea for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1 students, and elementary age kids!

Grinch Snacks

Grinch Snacks

We recreated some favorite Mr. Grinch characters out of snack cups! The kids went crazy over these chocolate and butterscotch Max cups, lime jello and pear Grinch cups, and red jello Santa cups. I used a black sharpie and then used a hot glue gun to affix the googly eyes, brown foam ears, pom pom noses, and candy cane horn.


Santa Grinch Fruit Kabobs

We made these cute Santa Mr. Grinch snacks by stacking on each toothpick: mini marshmallowsquartered strawberries, smashed mini marshmallow, and green grape. Cute and healthy snack!


You’re a Mean One Mr Grinch Pasta

We added a more “main dish” food by cooking “spinach spaghetti” using package directions. We tossed it in a little butter, garlic, salt, and pepper. Then we put 2 fried eggs on top to make the grinch’s eyes.


Christmas Tree Roast Beast Sandwiches

To make this festive main dish we started with spinach tortilla shells. Then we mixed 8oz tub of garlic & herb cream cheese with  1/2 cup mayo and spread it lightly all over the tortilla shell. Next we added 2-3 slices of roast beast per shell (roast beef for non Whooville residents; you’ll need about 1 pound). Then roll up the tortilla. Repeat to use up all the tortillas. Refrigerate the rolled up tortillas for 30+ minutes to make it easier to cut. Carefully slice into 2-3″ slices and start stacking up on a platter.

Cut a start out of a pepper. Use remaining yellow along with red and orange pepper to cute small pieces as ornaments. Decorate the sandwich tree. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


Grinch Pretzel Cookies

These super easy Grinch cookies are always a big hit. On a microwave safe plate set square pretzels. Place a green candy melt on top of each pretzel. Now microwave for 2 minutes at 50% power. Pull out of the microwave and immediately set a candy heart on each green candy melt. Allow candy to cool / harden before serving or stacking to store.


Grinch Punch Recipe

This cute Grinch Punch Recipe is super simple to make. Right before you are ready to serve, dump in a punch bowl mix a large can of pineapple juice, large bottle of Sprite, and spoonfuls of lime sherbet. On the top put leftover candy heart .


How beautiful is that? This punch has a great flavor without being heavy or overly sweet. YUM!


Here is our Grinch Party table. Simple, pretty, and delicious. We played up the fun colors and patterns from Whoville without going overboard on the Grinch face. Plus it was cheaper that way. We used this disposable polka dot table cloth, green zig zag wrapping paper, green plates, red zig zag napkins, these Grinch dessert plates, and this cute Grinch balloon.


Peppermint Candy Centerpiece

I made this super striking, and easy to make center piece by using a hot glue gun to attach peppermint candies to this Styrofoam tower. After the party, we use this as a pretty centerpiece all December long.


I kept it simple with the birthday cake this year. Of course I used our famous buttercream frosting and made a simple face with tinted buttercream frosting piped through a sandwich bag.

Grinch Games for Kids

Grinch party games

Simple Ornament Toss Christmas Game

For this simple game, kids tossed shatterproof ornaments in a large, gift wrapped box. It was so simple, but the kids LOVED this activity.


Low Prep Pass the Present Christmas Game

For this simple, low prep game you just need to wrap an empty box. Play The Grinch music while kids pass the present around the circle. If kids are stuck with the present when the music stops they loose.  Here are some fun modifications based on your group:

  • kids can unwrap one layer of wrapping paper each time it stops – inside is small trinket or candy for everyone playing
  • if kids get stuck with present have them say something they love at Christmas; repeat
  • when the music stops, whoever has the present, moves to the middle of the circle until they switch places with the next child who ends up with the gift.

Grinch Games for Kids

grinch-slime Grinch-Theme-Party Free-Grinch-Alphabet-Puzzles

Grinch Activities for Kids

Looking for more fun Grinch Crafts and Grinch Activity Ideas for the holiday season? check out these projects:

Christmas Playdough Mats Christmas-Skip-Counting-Puzzles-PIN2_thumb25255B125255D Sneak in some fun Christmas Math into your December with these free printable Christmas Math Worksheets. These super cute cut and paste Christmas Worksheets are sure to keep kids engaged and make learning fun as second grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade students practicing solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems to decorate the Christmas trees.

Christmas Math

And if you’re looking for other Christmas themed math practice, check out the FREE “12 Days of Christmas Math” which includes math activities and games for Kindergarten through Algebra!

Alphabet-Trace-and-Erase-Christmas-Ornaments Christmas Worksheets for Preschool    Christmas Patterns Activity

Christmas Printables

Looking for ideas for fun Christmas learning with free Christmas printables? Check out these fun resources:

Gingerbread-Christmas-Craft-for-Kids Snowman Keepsake Ornament free-printable-christmas-BINGO-for-families

Christmas Activities for Kids

Looking for more fun Christmas printables, Christmas Crafts, and Christmas activities to fill your holiday calendar? Check out these fun ideas!

FREE Christmas Around the World Activities for Kids - kids will have fun exploring over 30 countries while they learn about other countries holiday traditions, language, flag, geography, interesting facts and more. Includes Christmas crafts, recipes, FREE Christmas Around the World worksheets and more! #christmasaroundtheworld #christmasworksheets #free super cute, free printable, Christmas Worksheets are so much fun?  Preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade students will stay engaged as they practice Christmas math, learn abcs, work on beginning sounds, fill in the vowel, letter recognition, make a printable book, play I spy, writing prompts, and more in December. This Simply download the Christmas worksheets pdf and you are ready to make learning fun this holiday season! FREE-Gingerbread-Man-Printable-Pack

Free Christmas Worksheets

Looking for more huge Christmas Worksheets to make practicing math and literacy fun for kids? You will love these huge, free printable packs for December!

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