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Borax Crystal Christmas Trees

Kids will have fun growing their own crystals with this fun Borax Crystal Christmas Trees. This is such a fun Christmas activity for kids of all ages!

Christmas Science Experiments - fun, hands on, and EASY christmas science that is fun and festive. This science activity for toddler, preschoolers, kindergtartners, and elmentary age kids is perfect for december #christmasscience #christmasactiviteis #christmas

Christmas Science Experiments

Science Behind Growing Borax Crystals

First, you create a suspension of borax by mixing the hot water and borax.  By mixing the borax into hot water, the water can hold more borax and keep the borax suspended much longer. As the mixture cools, the water molecules slow down and move closer together. As the borax settles it bonds with other borax and begins to form seeds for further crystallization. Crystals come together in specific, repeated patterns due to the shape of the molecules forming them. You’ll see this crystallization on the bottom and sides of the container, on the string hanging from the pencil, and on the pipe cleaner. The borax continues to crystallize on until you pull it out of the water the next morning.

Christmas Science Activites



  • 2 green pipe cleaners per tree
  • yellow pipe cleaner shaped into a star
  • red beads


The beads are optional, but they look really pretty on the borax crystal Christmas trees. Attach one end of the green pipe cleaner around the yellow star. Then thread red bead onto green pipe cleaner (great for practicing fine motor skills). Next start going back and forth making the lines longer each time to form a Christmas tree shape. Don’t forget to add beads as you go.


Borax Experiment

This is what your Christmas trees should look like for at this stage of this Christmas activity for kids.


If you like, you can make extras and use some of them at this stage as Christmas tree ornaments. Aren’t they so pretty!


Now put a pencil through your Christmas tree to hold it in a tall jar or vase. It should not touch the bottom by several inches.

Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

Christmas Activities for Preschoolers

In a pan boil 4 cups of water. If you’d like to grow colored crystals, make sure to put the food coloring in at this point. You will want to add more food coloring than you think you’ll need!

When the water begins to boil, stir in 12 tablespoons of borax. Stir until the borax dissolves and then pour into your container.


After just a few hours you will see the beautiful crystals start to form. Aren’t they beautiful! I suggest letting them grow overnight.


Christmas Science

Christmas Science

Here are the clear borax crystals we grew on our Christmas tree craft. Aren’t they so pretty. We were shocked by7 how quickly they grew!

Christmas Science Activites

These beautiful Borax Crystal Christmas Trees make such a cute Christmas ornament craft or decoration!


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