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Marbled Note Cards Created With Science

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Holy cow this is cool! Help kids explore science with this fun-to-make science experiment that results in beautifully colored notecards for writing notes!

Marbled Note Cards created with this beautiful, fun to watch science experiment. This is SO COOL and a fresh, new idea that would not only be a fun science project for preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students - but results in beautifully colored notecards to write notes on.

My daughter looks just like my husband, but her personality and interests are mine all the way. She is always game for anything that has to do with mixing, creating or concocting. One of her newest interest is writing notes. Now that she can sound words out she is always leaving us little notes and giving notes to her friends and teachers. It is so cute and excellent for having keepsakes from her childhood. I decided that we would try something new that combined all of her interests, which is when we came up with using science to create art that she can give and these Marble Notecards Created With Science were made.

Neither one of us was sure if it would turn out, but to my surprise it turned out better than either of us expected! This process is full of science and amazement and the result is gorgeous! We are both proud and excited of how these note cards turned out.

Marbled Note Cards Created With Science

Gather your materials; they should all be things you have laying around your house!

  • Milk
  • Food Coloring
  • Dish Soap
  • Blank Notecards or Cardstock
  • Towel
  • Plate with a lip

We started with a dinner plate. We used this not only for it’s size but because it has a definite lip on the side to keep the milk in place.

We poured milk onto the plate until it completely filled the center.

Next we put drops of food coloring in random spots around the milk. We used 2-3 colors. We did two different rounds with matching colors. The first was green, blue and teal. The second was yellow, red and orange. I wanted to keep the colors similar because I think if non-matching colors mixed it would just turn brown. If you’re looking for brown colors that would be great, but we wanted bright colors.

Marbled Notecards With Science

The next step is the fun, science part. We put a few drops of dish soap into the center of the plate. The dish soap mixed with the milk created motion which basically stirred the food coloring through the milk. The milk being a thick liquid ensured that the colors didn’t mix too quickly or completely, it created a marble effect with the colors.

We watched the motion for a few moments in amazement and awe. It was a sight to see for sure.

Marbled Milk Science Notecards

When the movement slowed down we took our blank note cards and pressed them down into the liquid. We made sure all of the note card was covered, or most of it, but didn’t let the cards stay in the milk for too long. I didn’t want the paper to saturate so much that it became weak, just enough to get color on the card.

Marbled Note Cards Created With Science
We placed them on a towel to dry and continued until we had covered all of our note cards with color.
It took about an hour for them to be completely dry and ready to write on. My daughter could barely handle the wait, she wanted to write notes so much.
marbled Notecards Made With Science Pinnable
The process is very simple and although it could make a mess we kept the liquid pretty contained. We would let the liquid drip off of the card onto the plate before placing it on the towel. This helped keep the drips from being on the counter or table.
Notecards Made With Science
This was a super fun craftivity with science mixed in. It is wonderful to have note cards that not only have sweet messages from my daughter but that we also made together. This would be an excellent idea to make for Teacher Appreciation Day or the end of school, for Mother’s Day, or just because! Who doesn’t love handmade cards from kids?
marbled notecards made with science pinnable 2

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