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Fractions Board Game

One math concept that can cause so many students to stumble is fractions. Understanding what they represent, using them in calculations, and simplifying can cause such anxiety. But with a little practice in a fun way, fractions don’t have to be so intimidating. This easy, low prep fractions board game is a great way to work on simplifying fractions.

FREE Fractions Game - this is such a fun, educational math game to help kids in 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade practice writing fractions in their simplest form. Great for math centers, homeschool, summer learning, and after school practice.

If you’re just beginning to introduce fractions, you might enjoy engaging your kids with a math story. Picture books can be a great way to introduce a new topic and get kids talking and thinking about fractions.

But if your kids are familiar and just need more practice, try playing this Fraction Race! printable board game together.

This is a great activity for 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade kids.


Fractions Board Game

You will need to print the FREE Fractions Board Game and fraction cards (below) and grab game pieces (we use Lego minifigures)
Fraction Race Board Game

The goal of this game is to write fractions in their lowest form. By reducing fractions, kids work on recognizing factors and finding the greatest common factor.

In addition, by seeing fractions over and over that reduce to the same fraction, your kids will begin to recognize equivalent fractions.

While I do not recommend that they memorize all of the fractions included in this game, being able to recognize common equivalent fractions easily is helpful. Many of these will become recognizable simply by playing this game together.

This will also help your kids work on their division skills as they divide to simplify the fractions.


How to Play the Fraction Race Game:

Complete instructions for how to play are included in the download, but the basic idea of the game is simple, and similar to Candyland.

  • The youngest player starts by choosing a fraction card.
  • They reduce the fraction to its lowest form (all fractions reduce to either 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 or 1/6).
  • Then, they move forward to the closest fraction on the game board matching their solution.


For example, if their fraction reduces to 1/2, they move their game piece to the next 1/2 on the board.


  • Play then moves to the next player, who chooses a card and plays the same way.


Fraction Race_Simplify fractions

If a player chooses a card that says, “Uh oh, flat tire,” or “Time for a pit stop,” the player loses a turn and play continues to the next player.

The first player to make it to the finish (which requires a solution of 1/6) wins the game!

I hope this fun fraction race game provides an engaging way to practice important math skills, and increases your kids confidence with fractions.


Fractions Games

Fractions Game

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