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No Prep Fraction Game

Help kids practice fractions with this fun, FREE No Prep Fraction Game perfect for elementary age kids.

FREE No Prep Fraction Game - this free printable math game ia a fun way for kids to practice fraction recognition while having fun. Perfect for homeschoolers, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade students #fractions #mathgames #3rdgrade

I love playing math games with my children or having two play together while I work with another one. I love that while they play they are having fun and learning. My sweet kiddos are practicing math without doing worksheet upon worksheet.

What I love, even more, are games that require not-prep. Once that I can just print off and go!!! Well this freebie is the essence of both. Our children get to practice identifying factions, recognizing models of fractions, and find equivalent fractions in a fun game……and it is all prep free!

Super fun math games to teach fractions for kids

Fraction Game

Yes, I know I said no prep, but there are a few things to grab.

  1. Obviously, you want to print the board game out. You will need one game board per player, and I recommend card stock paper as it lasts so much longer.
  2. Next, you need a die, game board marker, and bingo markers.

Now, you and your children are ready for some fraction work.

free printable fractions game for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade students

Fractions Game

The game is simple to play. Children can place their game marker anywhere on the game board.

Next, they roll the die and move that many spaces in any direction they want. When they land on the space, they figure out what fraction is represented and cover that fraction up on the BINGO board.

The first person to get five in a row wins.

Fraction games ks2

Fractions for Kids

There are two main concepts that our sweet little ones are working on while playing this game.

1 – Recognizing fractions:

It is essential that our children understand numerators, denominators, and what they look like when modeled. This game provides fraction models. The children have to look to see how many pieces equal a whole (the denominator or bottom number in the fraction) and how many are colored in (the numerator or top number in the fraction.)

While playing this game, I encourage you to ask questions to help them solidify their knowledge. Simple ones like these will get them thinking and understanding fractions better.

  • “What will the numerator be? Why?”
  • “What will the denominator be? Why?”
  • How did you know to look for the 3 in the denominator?
  • How did you know to look for a one in the numerator?

great way for kids to practice equivalent fractions

2 – Equivalent fractions

This game also gets in some equivalent fraction work. On the game board, you will see a fractional model that has three out of four parts colored in.

If you scan the game board you will also see another model that has the same amount colored in, but it has six out of the eight parts colored in. They are equivalent fractions, and you will not find a 6/8 fraction on the BINGO part. Your kiddo will have to find the 3/4 and cover that.

If you would like to introduce equivalent fractions before you play this game…..here is a good place to start.  I hope you and your children enjoy this simple game that gets them thinking about fractions, recognizing fractions, and equivalent fractions.

Fractions Board Game free-flower-fractions Pizza Fractions Game

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