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Apple Threading Number Order Activity

Apples and acorns, pumpkins and pies… Fall is almost here! Have fun apple threading, working on fine motor skills and number recognition plus number order with this cute activity!


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Apple Threading Number Order Activity

This felt apple activity is really easy to make. It is great as a busy bag or quiet activity and travel friendly too!

What you need:

  • Red(or green or yellow) felt
  • Marker
  • Ribbon
  • Large bead
  • Straw
using-sharpie-write-numbers-to-10-on-each-apple-shaped red-cut-out
First, cut apple shapes from the felt. You can make it the same size and color or vary it. Then, number the apples with the marker. You can simply write the numbers like I did or you can add the corresponding number of dots for younger kids.
Add the bead to the end of the ribbon. This prevents the first apple from slipping through. A trick to make threading easier is to thread the ribbon through a straw to make the starting point stiff. You can also use a shoelace(that has a hard piece at the end) or a plastic lace.


The child then starts at number one and thread it so it is at the left of the ribbon. (We work from left to write to get use to the direction for when we need to start writing. This is obviously not the focus of the activity, but it is a good start with direction awareness.) Add all the numbers in the correct order.
What fun! A great little activity to work on fine motor number skills too! Perfect for preschoolers and Back-to-School time!

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