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20 St Patricks Day Books for Kids

Kids will have fun celebrating St. Patricks Day with these fun, clever books for kids.

20 FUN St. Patricks Day Books for kids - so many clever, unique stories about leprechauns, gold, folk tale, and so much more. #stpatricksday #bookrecommendations #booklist #stpatricksdaybooks #preschool #kindergarten #picturebooks

St Patricks Day Activities for Kids


St Patricks Day Books for Kids

This fun and lively How to Catch a Leprechaun book is sure to get your kids imaginations going!

When a delicious-looking piglet knocks on Mr. Fox’s door “accidentally,” the fox can hardly believe his good luck. It’s not every day that dinner just shows up on your doorstep. It must be his lucky day! Or is it?

Kids will love reading about this silly Leprechaun who loved yellow  and found something far more valuable than gold.

Rabbit is growing shamrocks in a pretty yellow pot–he’s getting them ready for St. Patrick’s Day so he can wear them for the parade! When his pot of beautiful green shamrocks goes missing, he goes searching . . . will he find them in time?

Fiona’s Luck is a witty folktale that will grab your kids attention.

She’s back! That lovely old lady has returned just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Now she’s swallowing items to make the perfect rainbow to hide a pot of gold.

Share in this Leprechaun’s St. Patricks day celebration in this fun book.

Kids will have fun practicing counting with this fun Ten Lucky Leprechaun counting book.

Tim O’Toole and his wife, Kathleen, are so poor they have not a penny or a potato between them. Even their cats are too skinny for the mice to chase! When Tim goes out to find a job, he stumbles upon “the wee folk”—a band of leprechauns who give him gifts to make his fortune. That is, if Tim can keep clear of the evil McGoon family. . . .

Kids will love learning about St. Patricks Day with this fun, lift-the-flap book.

Nothing is going his way until he rolls in a bed of clover and suddenly – he is Lucky Tucker!

In this classic Irish legend, two harpists—merry-hearted Old Pat and ill-spirited Young Tom—set off for a contest to name the finest harpist in all of Ireland. When Young Tom realizes that Old Pat is truly the better musician, he schemes to be the winner—but he doesn’t reckon with the clever trickery of a mischievous little leprechaun.

Our kids just love these Night Before books and this Night Before St. Patricks Day is another hit!

What do leprechauns do? They bury a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, of course. But as Mrs. Bally Bunion’s ox, Miss Maude Murphy’s hen, and Old Jamie soon find out, they can’t resist having a little fun along the way. For, besides burying pots of gold, mischief is what leprechauns do!

Learn about the history of St. Patricks Day with this beautifully written and illustrated book.

In Leprechauns Never Lie Ninny Nanny and Gram decide to catch a leprechaun and use his pot of gold to solve their problems. But finding the fortune is a lot of work!

Join everyone’s favorite monkey Curious George as he learns about St. Patrick’s Day.

The itsy bitsy leprechaun was hiding pots of gold. Down came a rainbow, colorful and bold, Out came his friends and they all began to look, For the perfect four leaf clover hidden in this book!


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