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Are you traveling soon? Perhaps you have a roadtrip planned this Summer? Here is a fun game to make beforehand and keep the kids entertained in the car, on the train/airplane- Tic Tac Toe On-the-Go!


Summer Vacation Planning

TIC-TAC-TOE On-the-Gocookie-sheet-washi-tape-magnets

Materials needed:

How to make this game:This game is very easy to make. Tape up the cookie sheet as shown in the picture below. There should be space for 9 tokens, 3×3, up and down.


Laminate the tokens and cut it out. Attach magnets at the back of each token.



Ready to play! 
Two players can play at a time. Each choose a picture- heart or star. Take turns to place a token inside a block. The aim of the game is to get three of the same tokens(your tokens) in a row, whether straight or skew, and try to “block” your opponent.

Keep this game in the car and you have something to occupy the kids during a trip, or a restaurant!
A alternative option: there is a printable board in the PDF to use if you do not want to use a cookie sheet. Laminate the board and attach Velcro dots! Easy Peasy! Enjoy!

Here are more games/busy bags to make and use on-the-go:

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