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FREE Bubble Kindergarten Math Worksheets

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Addition can be fun. Summer is a great time to explore hands on learning. My kids think it is also a great time for bubbles! Mixing the two inspired this set of free printables to reinforce addition while enjoying the summer.


Worksheets are a great for rainy days, downtime, waiting rooms, and car rides. Kids will respond favorably to them if the worksheet is engaging and fun. Don’t let the opportunity pass to incorporate worksheets with activities. For example, continue bubble math when your child is having a blast blowing bubbles outside. Your child can count the bubbles or roll dice and blow that many bubbles. Get creative!

Bubble Kindergarten Math Worksheets

Included in these Bubble Math Worksheets are three different math activities:

  • Pop the Bubble Race: This is a fun 2 player game where each player rolls dice, add, and pops the bubble with the correlating sum. The player pops his bubbles the fastest wins!
  • Bubble Sums: A fun way to practice addition! Each bubble contains an addition problem and three possible answers. Just circle (or put a bubble around) the right answer.
  • Double Bubble Cut and Paste: Cut out the bubbles with the answers and paste them on the correct addition problem. Each problem helps your child practice adding doubles!

Print off these free printables for fun summer addition practice. Keep a copy of the Pop the Bubble Race on hand for some fun anytime! Laminate the page and cut out circles from construction paper for covers to play time and time again.

Summer Math Activities

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