January 20, 2022
40 Creative Paper Cup Crafts and Activities Ideas to Try Today

40 Creative Paper Cup Crafts and Activities Ideas to Try Today


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Turn an ordinary paper cup into a fun craft for kids with these paper cup craft ideas.  These paper cup craft activities include ideas to turn paper cups into fairy houses to woodland creatures to flying reindeer, and so much more. These paper cup craft ideas are sure to delight your children from toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten to first grade and 2nd grade students too.

Turn an ordinary paper cup into a fun craft for kids with these paper cup craft ideas.  These paper cup craft activities include ideas to turn paper cups into fairy houses to woodland creatures to flying reindeer, and so much more. These paper cup craft ideas are sure to delight your children from toddler, preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten to first grade and 2nd grade students too. 

Paper cup craft

If you don’t have any paper cups in the cupboard, add them to your grocery list!  Buy a large pack of white cups, and your child can paint “the body” of the cup to turn it into any of these 40 fun paper cup craft projects!  These paper cup craft ideas are a great way to keep kiddos busy creating, or make one of these paper cup art and craft ideas to go along with a favorite story! Use these paper cup craft activities with toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 2 students. The hardest part is deciding which cup craft ideas to try first!

Plus you will love that these paper cup crafts use common materials you probably have on hand at home. Whether you are a parent, teacher, or homeschooler – work on strengthening hand muscles while exploring your child’s creativity and expressing their individuality with these fun craft projects for kids!

Paper cup craft activities

Paper Cup Windmills | The Pinterested Parent
An easy craft to make with little ones!  I just love the rainbow color windmill village they created!
Paper Cup Flower Vase | Pink Stripey Socks

This “flower head”  paper cup vase is too fun!  Kind of reminds me of Chia Pets!

Paper Cup Fairy Houses | Artsy Craftsy Mom
This sweet paper cup village reminds me of fairy houses!  Grab some sharpies and start creating!
Paper Cup Luminaries | Little Bins for Little Hands
A great craft idea for Winter solstice or to sneak in fine motor skills!  Create different patterns around the paper cup with a hole punch!  So very simple.
Paper Cup Mini Pinatas | Somewhat Simple
A personal pinata?!  Yes, please!  How fun would this paper cup craft be for Cinco De Mayo?
Kaleidoscope Craft | Kid Friendly Things to Do
Make your own kaleidoscope with a paper cup, paper plate, and tissue paper.


Paper cup craft ideas

Any TMNT fans?!  Buy green paper cups or paint some green, add a few simple materials, and “CowABunga!,” your little one has four cool turtle dudes for endless play!
Paper Cup Noisemaker | Powerful Mothering
Make a few with different materials in each one and see if your child can correctly guess what is in each noisemaker!
Make Your Own Anemometer | The Activity Mom
With spring on the way, here is a great craft to make to learn about the wind!
Paper Cup Party Spinners | Kids Activities Blog
Love this creative use for paper cups come party time!
Flower Baskets | The Craft Train
Make these simple and sweet paper cup flower baskets and then head outside for a nature walk
Paper Cup Phone | There’s Just One Mommy
Little ones will LOVE this simple paper cup craft!
Paper Cup Castle | I Heart Crafty Things
Learning about knights and castles?  Create your own castle complete with LEGO knights in shining armor!

Paper cup crafts

Paper Cup Weaving Craft | Laughing Kids Learn
Turn this weaving craft into a pencil holder!  Makes a great and frugal gift idea!
Paper Cup Flowers | How We Learn
Love this gorgeous flower craft.  You could turn it into a collaborative art project if you have many kids different ages.  Create a paper plate flower mural!
Simple Wind Chime | Rainy Day Mum
A fun and simple paper craft you can enjoy all season!
Paper Cup Art Bot | The Artful Parent
Your engineering kiddos will LOVE creating their own scribbling robot!
Frozen Olaf Snowman Craft | JDaniel’s Mom
Any Frozen fans out there?!  (Ooo.. me, me, me!!)  Make this craft as you await the sequel!!

DIY Animal Noses | Pink Stripey Socks
Love this mama’s frugal idea to create animal noses for her son’s birthday!  So creative!

Animal Paper Cup Craft Ideas

Take a peak at these cup crafts of cute animals!

Paper Cup Penguin Poppers | School Time Snippets
Paper cup penguins turned into a popper toy!  So creative and fun!
Paper Cup Horton the Elephant Craft | I Heart Arts and Crafts
Love this fun Dr. Seuss go along craft!  Watch the movie or read the book, and then make this adorable and simple elephant craft.
Fine Motor Jellyfish | Buggy and Buddy
Grab your stash of paper clips and make this fun jellyfish paper cup craft!  Great way to sneak in fine motor skills, counting, and patterning!
Paper Cup Octopus | Easy Peasy and Fun
Talk about emotions as you create this adorable paper cup octopus craft.

Little ones can easily make this adorable bee paper cup craft.  Add in a few books for more bee themed learning!


Crafts with paper cups

These paper cup art are sure to be a hit with your kids! Use them as a summer craft for kids or summer project.

Paper Cup Fishing Game | Handmade Charlotte
Turn a few ocean animal paper cup crafts into a fun game for little ones!
Paper Cup Farm Animals | Kids Activities Blog
This chicken, pig, and cow are just the cutest.
Yarn Wrapped Owl | Kids Craft Room
I love the added twist of yarn being used in this paper cup craft.
Woodland Creatures Cup Craft | Simple As That Blog
These adorable woodland creatures can be used multiple ways.  Head on over to grab printable templates to make a raccoon, fox, and/or owl.
Lion Craft | I Heart Crafty Things
Use some of that left over yarn to create this paper cup lion’s mane!
Fire Breathing Dragon | Sturdy for Common Things
Here’s a fun craft to go along with your favorite dragon book!
The paper mache clown fish is too cute!
Paper Cup Dog | 123Homeschool4Me
I love how the paper cup dog craft was just a lead into a fun, hands-on reading game!
Paper Cup Peacock Craft | School Time Snippets
My daughter LOVED this craft! Turn a simple paper cup into a colorful and jazzy peacock!

Holiday Paper Cup Craft Ideas

We have lots of great creative paper cup craft ideas for Easter, fall, Thanksgiving, and other holidays too!

Yes, reindeer can fly!…  Well, in this craft they can!  Try it!
Paper Cup Pumpkins | Non Toy Gifts
Create adorable pumpkins with light up noses.  A perfect paper cup craft for fall.
Paper Cup Turkey | Non Toy Gifts
Another weaving craft to work on fine motor skills and would make a great Thanksgiving table decoration.
Patriotic Flameless Torches | Desperately Seeking Gina
Make these fun patriotic torches for any and all red, white, and blue celebrations!
Pop Up Spring Puppets | In the PlayRoom
These paper cup puppets will be a hit among the little ones!
Make and use these simple paper cup Easter baskets as party favors.
Jumping Bunny Cup Craft | Creative Little Explorers
Little ones will enjoy this spring paper cup craft.  And, yes!  The bunny really jumps!

So have I challenged you to try a one of these paper cup art and craft ideas?  I promise you’ll never see a paper cup the same way again!  Cup crafts are endless!  Enjoy!If your child enjoyed this fun list of paper cup craft ideas, check out 30 fun process art activities!


Which of these creative uses for paper cups will you try first?
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Easy Science Experiments

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