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Clouds Weather Unit

I am finally getting around to sharing our science weather unit we started last spring – yikes. These activities are intended for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and 1st & 2nd grade to be able to do together in homeschool.

Weather Unit - Clouds for Kids #science #preschool #homeschooling

Clouds Weather Unit

Here is first week in our science weather unit based on my free  {free} Weather Unitit is one of my most popular posts.

Make sure to go grab it to get weather worksheets – complete with activities, experiments, and more.

math with weather

We did some fun, preschool type worksheets. One of our favorites is the Roll & Add. They loved putting their colorful magnets on top of the numbers on rainbow the dice rolled add up to.

make a cloud in a bottle science experiment

We did an experiment to create clouds in a bottle! If you look closely you can see a vertical wispy cloud! Isn’t that cool?! Instruction are in the Weather Pack.
making rainscience is fun

We talked about why rain happens. That water evaporated and went up as water particles. The water condenses into clouds.  When clouds get heavy enough they rain. We tried this simple illustration I saw on Reading Confetti. We put water in a jar and topped it with shaving cream. Then to illustrate how clouds hold moisture the kids put about 20 drops of food coloring in the “cloud” It took about 7 minutes for Goofy’s cloud to become heavy enough that it began to rain – you can see the colored rain. Minnie’s went faster, but I think that made Goofy all the more interested to watch & wait for his.

Weather Unit - Clouds for Kids

We observed clouds for a couple weeks and made a graph. The no cloud days definitely “won”.

Weather Unit - Clouds for Kids

We also made cloud art using the classic – cotton ball cloud! It may be old, but it is still just as fun for kids today =)
Weather Unit - Clouds for Kids

I don’t know about you, but it is pretty much a given that if we are going to study clouds we won’t have any! (You saw are chart above, right?!) Because I know that is how things go, I started taking pictures of clouds before hand. I put the Cloud Creations in sheet protectors and then let the kids draw to make the clouds come alive. This was the indoor way to lay on the grass, look up at the clouds, and see things in them – the way I had planned it! But it worked pretty well. The kids had SO much fun!

We read some good books on clouds and weather (see below for titles).

More Science Resources:

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