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FREE Valentines Day Roll & Cover

Engage your preschooler in a simple and fun number identification and value activity. This simple roll and cover Valentine’s Day activity is a fun and engaging way to teach your child to recognize that numbers hold value. We will simply roll two dice and match the value on the dice to the number symbol on the paper. This activity is great for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten children.

FREE Valentines Day Roll & Cover - preschool and kindergarten age kids will have fun practicing number sense with this heart theme math activity for early learners. this free printable educational activity makes learning fun in February. #valentinesday #preschool #freeprintable


Free Valentines Day Activity for Kids

Free Valentines Day Roll & Cover


Number sense is crucial to success in math. So often we think that once our kids can count to a certain number that they have mastered all those numbers. But there is so much more to numbers than counting them in sequential order. Having a strong number sense means that you recognize their values and you have a good understanding of a numbers relationship with other numbers so that you can manipulate them. This educational activity for preschoolers will work on matching number values and number symbols.

Your pre-k kiddo is going to have a lot of fun identifying numbers and values while playing this Valentine’s Day game.



  • Valentine’s Day Roll and Cover Template
  • Small Manipulative (pom poms, mini erasers, bear counters)
  • 2 Dice


  • Download the FREE Valentine’s Day Roll and Cover Number Activity
  • Layout the manipulatives next to the template.
  • Roll the dice, count how many dots appear on the two dice.
  • Cover the corresponding number on the template using a manipulative


  • Since you will likely roll a number more than once you can stack manipulatives on top of each other and then count which number you rolled most when you are done
  • Laminate the template for extra durability


FREE Valentines Day Printables


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Download Free Valentines Day Roll & Cover

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