August 10, 2023
Toddler Activity – Rubberbands Make Music

Toddler Activity – Rubberbands Make Music


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Make an instrument with rubberbands for toddlers and preschoolers to explore music and sound. Also great as part of a middle ages for kids.
Toddler Activity making music with Rubberbands. This is a great extension activity for toddlers with older siblings studying Medieval Times in homeschool Social Studies.

Toddler Activity – Rubberbands Make Music

Toddlers love discovering new things! They are curious and creative and filled with a great zest for learning. Today I wanted to share how my Toddler and I used rubberbands to make music.

For our toddler activity we made a Psaltery. A psaltery is a medieval musical instrument played by plucking the strings. A psaltery was played at banquets or for the royal court in a castle.  Did you learn something new?

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Now I know that doesn’t look like a likely candidate for a toddler activity, but we were studying Medieval Times in our homeschool social studies so it seemed like the perfect extension activity for my toddler.

Rubber bands are Fun

Toddler Time Tuesday Rubberbands are fun
As soon as I pulled out our bag of rubber bands Tinker Bell (29 months) grabbed for them. First she explored how they stretched. Then she did what most toddler girls would do – she put it on as jewelry.
Toddler Time Tuesday Rubberbands are Fun

Rubber bands are fun to play with! They make great bracelets under proper supervision! They are also wonderful for toddlers young curious minds to being exploring the world around them. A toddlers first science project if you will.

Rubber bands Make Music

Rubberbands make music medieval psaltery musical instrument homeschool

Once my toddler had thoroughly explore the rubber bands we stretched them to fit over shoes boxes and small plastic containers. By using different width and size of rubber bands they will each play a different note when plucked.

After demonstrating to my toddler how to pluck the rubber bands on our psaltery it was her turn to try. She thought it was great fun to play and even began to sing while she played.

Toddler Activity Ruberbands Make Music

This fun toddler activity took 2 minutes of prep and under $1 to make.



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