April 25, 2023
Fine Motor Bead Flower Craft for Kids

Fine Motor Bead Flower Craft for Kids


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This is such a cute, simple flower craft for kids using beads. This craft is great for Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, and 1st-4th grade kids.

Fine Motor Bead Flower Craft for Kids - This is such a cute spring craft for kids. Lots of options!

Fine Motor Bead Flower Craft for Kids

Here is a fun flower craft that will help your toddler and preschool with their fine motor skills at the same time. Plus you only need a couple things that many of us will have already in our craft bins!

crafts using beads

For this fine motor activity you will need beads, pipe cleaners, and one rubber band.

Bead Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Have your child put the beads on 2 pipe cleaners – any pattern they want.

HINT: Leave 1” blank on each side.

Beautiful Fine Motor Bead Flower Craft for Kids

put pony beads on almost the entire pipe cleaner

Now stick the 1” ends of the pipe cleaner into the other pipe cleaner, under the beads. This will make one big circle of beads.

Now you have a large circle with 2 pipe cleaners and tie the center together with a rubberband

Now fold the pipe cleaner to make two rows. Cut your rubber band in half and tie the middle of the pipe cleaner.

pull the other ends in and tie together

Now pull the remaining sides in and tie them to the center using the rubber band in the middle.

Double not the rubber band and cut off any extra.

bring together again for a 6 petal flower craft

HINT: You can bring them together in thirds for a 6 petal flower or just as they are for a 4 petal flower.
add green pipe cleaner for stem and leaf

Now use a 3rd pipe cleaner, ideally green to make the stem. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the enter and then down making one leaf along the way. You can add a 2nd leaf by cutting part of another green pipe cleaner if you like.

such a fun, pretty flower craft for spring

We held white paper behind the flower so you could see how pretty it turned out. It really came out beautifully.  My toddler, preschooler and Kindergartner could do everything except the rubber band, making a flower part. My 2nd grader made it easily and still found it to be a fun activity.

This would be a great mother’s day craft for kids!

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