Free Number Trains - Count to 100

Practice counting to 100 with this fun math activity. You can also use different engines to help kids practice counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.
FREE Number Trains: Count to 100 - This printable activity is such a fun counting activities for preschool, prek,, kindergarten, and first grade to practice not only counting to 100, but skip counting by 2s, skip counting by 5s, and skip counting by 10s.

Does your child love trains?

Here is a fun way for train lovers to practice counting and skip counting with this number trains activity. Whether you are practicing counting to 10, counting to 20, counting to 50, counting t0 100 or skip counting by 10s, 2s, 5s, 1s, odds, or evens - they are all covered making this a great homeschool math activity for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.

I created this fun math activity to help my kiddos (3-7 years) learn some key math skills & practice them in a fun way! You can build various trains depending on the age/skill of your child.

Count to 100 Train

cut out the train and train cars to practice counting by 5s, counting by 10s, or counting by 2s

Start out by printing (on cardstock  or laminate for durability) the train that corresponds with the skill you are wanting work on:

  • Counting 10- (PreK)
  • Counting 1-20 (PreK/K)
  • counting 1-30 (PreK/K)
  • Counting 1-50 (PreK/K)
  • Counting 1-100 (K/1st)
  • Counting by 2s (1-50 K / 1-100 1st)
  • Counting by 5s (1-50 K /1 –100 1st)
  • Counting by 10s (1-50 K /1 –100 1st)
  • Odd Numbers (1st)
  • Even Numbers (1st)

count to 100

Now that you have the correct pieces ready, have your student pick the correct engine for the counting they are practicing. Then have them put the train cars in order to count to 100, count to 20, skip count by 2s, skip count by 5s, skip count by 10, or any of the other many included engines to choose from.

Number Trains Cool Math games #mathisfun #preschool #kindergarten #1stgrade #homeschooling

This is such a fun, hands on activity to help kids practice counting!

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Number Trains Cool Math games #mathisfun #preschool #kindergarten #1stgrade #homeschooling

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