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FREE Summer Number Recognition Coloring Pages

These number recognition coloring pages are a fun way to get in fine motor skills and work of recognizing numbers.

FREE Summer Number Recognition Coloring Pages - make practicing math fun with these free printable math worksheets perfect for practicing counting with toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids. #preschool #numbers #summer

This year I had just a few goals for my twins. I really wanted them to learn their letters, have one- to -one correspondence to five and develop some fine motor skills like writing and using scissors. One of them took off and has mastered all those goals. With my other little one, we are realizing that it is going to require a lot more work on both of our parts.

So even though it is summer, I can not afford to go two whole months without any work on these goals. If we do that, we will be starting all over come August. And that is not an option after all the hard work it has taken to just get to this point.

Knowing we need more practice, I’ve been on the lookout for simple activities we can do. And today, I’m sharing one of them.


Summer Number Recognition Coloring Pages


These number recognition coloring pages do not require any prep.

  1. First, print off the pages.
  2. Next, gather up crayons or Do-A-Dot markers….and you are ready to go.

Summer Activities Coloring Pages

My little boy twin is capable of doing many activities on his own, and this one was no different. I handed the little guy a box of crayons and the paper with the one on it. We said the number out loud while pointing to the large one at the top. Then I asked him to color in all the balls that had a one on them.

He went to work, and soon came back proudly holding his beautiful picture with all the ones colored in. I finished up this activity by having him show me what one snap cube looked like, what one letter looked like, and so on.

You could even have them draw one beach item at the bottom of the picture. This way you are getting in one-to-one correspondence too.


Summer Color by Number

Since my daughter needs more help, we did the two sheet together…..and we used Do-A -Dot markers instead of crayons.

If I had asked her to color in every ball, she would have lost interest and I wouldn’t have gotten what I really wanted…number recognition practice.

Also, she tends to write very lightly, and using the Do-A-Dot markers forces her to press which is building strength in her arms and fingers…all essential as we try to get her “writing” more.


Summer Preschool Worksheets

Once again, I pointed to the number at the top of the page and we said, “2”.

Then she began looking for her two’s. Every time she found one, I would ask her what number it was. And if she couldn’t remember, I would say the number and then have her repeat it.

In the end, we broke a few crayons (great strategy for building fine motor skills) and I helped her color in some of the pictures.)

Building number recognition is important….and I hope you enjoy these coloring pages to reinforce it!


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