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Water Balls for Kids – an Easy Summer Activity

This is a super easy water ball kids summer activities that takes 5 minutes for kids to throw together. Now you are all set to cool off and have fun at the same time all summer long.

Water Ball Kids Summer Activities - this fun water activity is super simple to put together and will provide hours of summer fun for kids of all ages! This is a MUST DO activity to add to your summer bucket list. #summeractivities #summerbucketlist #summerfun

I always get so excited planning fun summer activities for my crew! We try to fit in the classics like going to the park, swimming, camping, drawing with chalk on the driveway, blowing homemade bubbles, playing in the sprinklers, backyard slip-n-slide, eating homemade popsicles, summer reading programs, and lots of free time to play in the backyard. I also like to sneak in educational learning activities too like science experiments, fun worksheets, and fieldtrips.

Every year I try to come up with new easy summer activities that the kids will look back on fondly remembering, oh yeah… that year we made the kid wash or  tried bubble painting, raced soap boats or played in frozen paint.  Do you do that too?

This activity for summer was a fun, super easy summer activity I thought would be a one time kids activity. However, it was so much fun and so simple to prepare, it has become a tradition. My kids look forward to playing with Water Balls for Kids every single summer!


Water Balls for Kids

This idea has been floating around the internet for a while. I’m not sure who had the idea first (sorry to the creator!). But we decided to whip up our own version of this super easy, cheap and fun summer activity for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, kindergartners, babies, first graders, 2nd graders, and kids of all ages. My husband even had fun playing!

Water Balls for Kids take only 5 minutes to make and will give your kids hours of water fun in their backyard all summer long!

cut colorful sponges into 3-5 strips each lengthwise

You will need 2 sponges for each water soaker balls, so buy as many cheap, colorful sponges as you want to make as many of these water balls as you need.  We found that you will want at least 3 per child. (HINT: You can get these inexpensive sponges in packs at the dollar store, Amazon, or walmart). Just make sure you don’t get ones with any rough sides for scrubbing. Get bright colors like green, blue, pink, orange, purple, etc. The brighter, the more appealing to kids!

Cut each sponge into four strips lengthwise.

use a Rubberband or cable tieHow to Make Water Balls

Now grab 8 different strips of sponges – pick whatever colors you like to make either a solid color, two two, or multi colored sponge water balls. The two tone or multi colored ones were our favorites!

Now hold the strips, stacked up, together and twist. Then have a parent or friend put on a cable tie and trim off the excess. 

You could also try to make these with a hair tye or pony tail holder if you prefer and have those on hand. You will need to make it really tight to stop the sponges from coming apart.

These sponge water balls are a fun summer activity for kids of all ages

Soaker Balls

These sponge water balls are a fun summer activity for kids of all ages. Now that you have your fun water balls you are ready for endless hours of summer fun in the backyard.

I like these kids water balls better than water balloons because there is no prep, no mess to clean up (those little pieces of water balloons get everywhere and inevitably you will miss some which will hurt animals and wildlife), and they are reusable.

Soaker Ball Games

Use these water balls to:

  • toss back and forth and see how long you can toss it without dropping it
  • step farther and farther away from each time
  • play duck, duck, drench
  • clean water toys
  • make a big sponge bath in a kids pool
  • the uses are endless

Princess Water Toss Game

Princess Water Fun

My girls (2 and 5) were not so eager to run around and toss them at each others. But that didn’t mean they didn’t want to play! They got on their princess dress up clothes to have some Princess Water Fun.

disney princess sponge water ball play for toddler and preschool
The girls loved filling them with water and squeezing it out. They are soft and have a great texture in your hands.

Toddler Outdoor Play activity

Later the girls and I played toss sitting on the lawn.

Kids Summer Activities: Soaker Sponge Balls are fun for the whole family

My then eight-years-old preferred to run around and try to get Mommy with them! It was actually very refreshing on this HOT day.

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In between reading a good book, sneak in some epic fun with these summer activities for kids of all ages:

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