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Valentine’s Day is such a fun holiday, especially for kids. Its a great day to teach kindness and caring, and of course enjoy some candy! Leading up to the actual day is a great time to use a Valentine’s Day theme for learning activities and this one is fun! If you are practicing simple sight words, like CVC, this free Valentine’s Day Worksheets set is perfect for you!

FREE Valentine’s Day Sight Word Mat - help kids practice CVC words and key sight words words with this free printable valentines day activity for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade kids. #valentiensday #cvcwords #kindergarten

Valentine’s Day Worksheets

Learning sight words does not have to be boring or monotonous. It can be, but that is why I try to use activities such as these sight word mats to help encourage my kids to WANT to learn. It is exciting to learn sight words because they know that they are on their way to reading books but it can also be very frustrating because there are many steps before that.

Games and activities like this will ease the frustration and encourage kids to have fun while learning.


Educational Valentines Day Activities

This set has everything you need to play, except for a sight word list. Pick the sight words or CVC words you want to practice and let’s get going.
Print each of the pages. The first three pages are the sight word mats. The second two pages have alphabet tiles.

I cut each of the alphabet tiles out individually and laminate them. Laminating is optional, but will keep the life of the activity for much longer (if your kids are like mine!). I like to laminate the sight word mats too. This way when it comes to writing the word, you can use a dry erase marker.


Once all of the pieces are laminated, choose the word that you would like your child to work on first. I have also cut slips of paper, each with a sight word on it and put it in a bowl. My daughter picks a word out and continues with that word. That adds an element of mystery to the activity.
Have your child choose the letter tiles that spell out the word and place them in the corresponding squares on the sight word mat.


Once the letters are in the correct order, you can ask your child to write the word on the lines on the bottom of the sight word mat. This can be done with a dry erase marker, like I said above, or with something more exciting like play dough.I have included 5 different sight word mats. This can help keep the excitement up as well as provide a different version for multiple children.


Valentines Day Books for Kids



Valentines Day Printables

Valentines Day Activities

Sight Word Activities

Don’t miss all our FREE sight word worksheets and free printable sight word games!

Practice sounding out sight words with these adorable Valentines Day Sight Word Mats to help kids sound out CVC words in February.

Valentine’s Day Sight Word Mat

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