August 17, 2023
FREE Letter A Apple Sort

FREE Letter A Apple Sort


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Help toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age children practice sorting upper and lowercase letter a with these free printable apple sorting activity.

Letter A - Free printable upper and lower case letter a alphabet activity for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids. Perfect for a fall, September theme. #lettera #preschool #appletheme

A is for Apple

This is a great educational activity for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids for fall!  There are actually 2 activities in this Sorting Apple Pack:

Print the 4 pages (on cardstock for durability) with the upper and lower case letter A alphabets and the 2 A baskets. Cut pieces apart.

For this activity you can do it on the floor, a table, or taping the baskets and apples to a patio door to make it a reusable fall decoration / activity.

  • sort capital A apples in to capital A basket
  • sort lowercase a apples in to lowercase a basket
Hint: Make it more educational by having your child say “The A says ah” or thinking of something that starts with an A sound for each apple they sort (i.e. apple, alligator, ant, etc.)


Letter A Apple Sort

Phonics Apple Sort

Print the next 2 pages and cut apart. This activity is great for kids who know their letters and are just figuring out beginning sounds – typically Preschool and Kindergarten.
Children will say what the picture is in each apple and then put the apple in the basket with the same letter as the beginning sound of the picture. 



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Apple Printables

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  1. Emily Avatar

    Thank you for this resource! My preschool will love it.

  2. Bec Avatar

    I LOVE the A/a apple basket sort! Did you make a similar activity for the other letters of the alphabet? I’ve been looking around your site and haven’t been able to find anything.