March 2, 2023
All About Echinoderms & Cnidarians (Jellyfish, Sea Stars, Sand Dollars, Coral)

All About Echinoderms & Cnidarians (Jellyfish, Sea Stars, Sand Dollars, Coral)


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Did you know that sea stars can make a clone of themselves with only a foot to start with? How about that most of the coral reef is made up of dead shells of once living coral? We have lots of fun and interesting facts about echinoderms and cnidarians in this lesson for kids from K-8th grade. The engaging lesson will teach kids how in the ocean, sand dollars are vibrant colors and tend to live in groups or that the Portuguese Man of War is a actually a colony of many jelly like animals functioning as one unit.  Then review what you’ve learned as you make a star fish life cycle craft, label the parts of a jelly fish, write a report of what you learned, and take a test.

All About Echinoderms & Cnidarians (Jellyfish, Sea Stars, Sand Dollars, Coral) - fun, pritnable science lesson on ocean animals for elementary and middle school student. Includes cute clipart, worksheets, life cycles, label the anatomy, science experiment, and more

Whether you are looking for a fun science unit, supplement to your zoology / biology lessons, are following your child’s  interest, planning fun summer learning, creating a fascinating science center, or planning for next years homeschool science lesson – you are going to love this fun, interesting, and thorough lesson! This all about jellyfish, sea stars, choral, sea anemone and more for kids. This lesson is perfect for kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, grade 7, and grade 8 – there is truly something for everyone!

learn all about star fish, jelly fish, coral, for kids with this engaging, printable lesson

All About Echinoderms

Echinoderms are sea animals with spiny skin. Animals in this group include sea cucumbers, feather stars, brittle stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, and sea stars (also known as starfish). All these spiny-skinned creatures have some things in common: no eyes, no brain, and tube feet. In addition, in their adult stage they are benthic animals, spending most of their time on the bottom of the ocean. Learn how echinoderms can clone themselves with just a foot of the original and how some have stomachs that come out their mouth to devour their prey.

all about echinoderms and cnidarians report template

All About Cnidarians

Have you ever brushed up on a plant with sticky spines on it? It is called a nettle plant. Some nettle like animals that live in the water are called cnidarian such as jellyfish, sea anemones, and corals. These animals can pack a powerful sting.

Cnidarians are boneless, brainless, eyeless, and footless; they mostly are made up of a mouth and tentacles. Some have tentacles that hang below them called medusae, while others wave above them called polyps.  Jellyfish, Portuguese man of war, sea anemone, and coral are all part of the phylum cnidarian.

Learn which aquatic animal is actually a colony of jelly like creatures that function as one, how coral can bud to form a larger colony, how the coral reef is formed & how to protect it, and the fascinating life of a jelly fish!

jelly fish, star fish, coral, sand dollars printable worksheets

The 40+ page unit has a variety of activities to reinforce and expand on what you’ve learned. Use the pages that are best suited to the age / abilities of your student:

  • Informative, easy-to-read text with cute clipart to help kids visualize what we are talking about
  • Links to watch free videos online of the animal up close and personal
  • Coral Polyp up close anatomy
  • Jellyfish Life Cycle (print, color, read, and learn)
  • Label the Sea Star
  • Label the Jellyfish
  • Sequence the jelly fish life cycle
  • Ocean coloring pages
  • What I know about Sea Stars writing prompt
  • Coral Fact or Fiction
  • Jellyfish vs. Sea Anemone Venn Diagram
  • Star Fish Text Detective
  • Jelly Fish Text Detective
  • Creative Writing Prompts
  • Report Template
  • Test & Answer Key

star fish life cycle craft

Kids will have fun making this super cute and memorable, Star Fish Life Cycle Printable Craft. You can choose to print the sea star life cycle pages in color or black & white.

Fish for kids lesson plan filled with tons of fun information and facts including shape, camouflage, life cycles, label anatomy, tests, experiments on swim bladder / buoyancy, lateral lines, and more!  Worksheets and lesson on mollusks, crustaceans, and cephalopods for kids!

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Learn All About Jellyfish, Star Fish, Sea Anemones, Coral, and more in this engaging, printable science lesson for K-8th graders! Cute clilpart, worskheets, crafts, tests, coloring pages, life cycles, writing prompts, and so much more!


For use in a classroom or co-op, please purchase the teacher licensed version.


Because of the sheer amount of time this resource took to create, there is a small fee to purchase this impressive pack filled with information, links to animal videos, science worksheets, science craft, and more! But you know me, my heart is to keep things free (or as close to free as I can possibly make them) so this amazing unit for you to study jellyfish, sea stars, sand dollars, coral and more for only $1.99!

** Please note this is a printable unit. You will not be mailed any physical product.

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