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Animal Classifications for Kids Cootie Catchers

Play and learn about Animal Classifications for Kids with 10 different free printable Cootie Catchers! Print in color or black and white and have fun learning or reviewing with this fun science...

FREE Nature Walk Worksheet

Now that spring has arrived and summer isn’t far behind, everyone is anxious to get out and enjoy the weather. It’s a perfect time to take the kids on a nature walk.

Dinosaur Unit for Elementary Kids

A fun, hands on Dinosaur Unit for homeschool elementary kids. This unit has lots of free worksheets for kids, crafts, learning activities, and more fun science activities for kids.

Guppy Fish Science Experiment

Amaze your kids with this Guppy Fish Science Experiment where you will breed guppies while learning about genetics, life cycles, and so much more! Includes a free printable observation book to help...