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50+ BEST Family Thanksgiving Recipes

Here are some of our family favorite Thanksgiving recipes! Find the perfect, no fail, best thanksgiving side dishes including homemade mashed Potaotes Recipe, my Grandma’s Made form Scratch Gravy Recipe, made from scratch Crescent Rolls. perfect every time pumpkin pie, the best sweet potato casserole, yummy snicker apple salad, broccoli cauliflower salad, and more! These are all the thanksgiving recipes our family likes to make year-after-year as we celebrate Thanksgiving holiday in November.

Here are some of our family favorite Thanksgiving recipes! Find the perfect, no fail, best thanksgiving side dishes including homemade mashed Potaotes Recipe, my Grandma's Made form Scratch Gravy Recipe, made from scratch Crescent Rolls. perfect every time pumpkin pie, the best sweet potato casserole, yummy snicker apple salad, broccoli cauliflower salad, and more! These are all the thanksgiving recipes our family likes to make year-after-year as we celebrate Thanksgiving holiday in November.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Nothing beats homemade! Here are over 50 yummy recipes for a made from scracth Thanksgiving dinner! Try our family’s tried and true recipes that are sure to satisfy your Thanksgiving guests! We’ve included our favorite Thanskgiving salads, Thanskgiving side dishes, classic thanksgiving recipes, delicious pie recipes, what to make for thanksgiving breakfast, plus leftover turkey recipes too! Plus don’t miss our Thanksgiving Menu with timeline, recipes, and even a printable grocery list!

It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without our family's snicker apple salad recipe! My kids go nuts over this non-traditional snicker salad they look forward to eating all year long. This quick-to-make apple snicker salad combines pudding, whipped topping, crisp apples, and snickers for an outrageously yummy thanksgiving side dish your kids won't expect. Pretty Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad Recipe is a holiday must! Veggies + bacon + cashews + sweet & tangy dressing = YUM! We make a lot of really yummy Thanksgiving side dishes, but the star of our table is our sweet potato casserole recipe! Over the years I perfected this recipe to the point where my kids beg for the best sweet potato casserole year-round and they know this homemade sweet potato casserole will be gone before anyone gets seconds! I love that this is a seriously easy sweet potato casserole where you can throw it together quickly, make it ahead, and it tastes fabulous every single time. you will love this sweet potato casserole with marshmallows, oats, and nut topping! One of my families favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, Easter, and throughout the year is our green bean casserole. This easy, homemade green bean casserole uses canned green beans for simplicity along with French's fried onions for a tasty, memorable vegetable dish that everyone will love.

Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes


Homemade Mashed Potatoes Recipe

This is our classic, homemade mashed potato recipe. I always figure you need 1 1/2 medium potatoes per person. So make sure to double, triple, or quadruple this recipe depending on how many guests you are having.

  • 6 potatoes, peeled & cubed
  • ½ cup milk
    4 TAB butter
  • salt & pepper

In boiling water cook potatoes for 20-25 minutes over medium heat; drain. Put soft potatoes back in pan and mash potatoes & remaining ingredients until light& fluffy. Serve immediately or put in a Crockpot on warm to keep ready to go whenever needed. If you are reheating potatoes, just add a splash of milk to make them fluffy again.

Note: Theses are great the second day when made into potato cakes.

Seriously this homeamde cornbread stuffing is the BEST! The bacon, sage, and toasted corn bread make this a MUST side dish for Thanksgiving!If you are looking for a melt-in-your-mouth homemade crescent rolls recipe, I've got just what you are looking for. We make angel rolls that are an easy-to-make crescent roll dinner recipes that you can make the day before. The crescent rolls dough is so flavorful, filled with yummy yeast! You've just got to try these! Looking for some Southern comfort food? Serve this delicious corn spoon bread as a side dish to your beans, tacos, or barbeque! This spoon bread recipe is quick and easy to make; just dump the ingredients, stir and bake! You will love the rich, satisfying flavor with the convenience of an EASY corn bread pudding recipe! You can man make it a Jiffy corn bread pudding or make it all from scratch with our easy corn casserole recipe! Whether you are looking for the best glazed Christmas ham or a baked ham recipe for Easter, you will love this yummy Baked ham recipe! This orange glazed ham is super flavorful, moist, easy-to-make, and picture perfect! This just may be the best Christmas ham ever!

Breads and Side Dishes

the best thanksgiving desserts

Made from Scratch – Grandma’s Homemade Gravy Recipe

My Grandma was the best cook. She knew how to make meat, potato, gravy, cinnamon rolls, pies and all those old timey favorites better than anyone else I know.

I still remember when I was in about 6th grade and we went to my Grandma’s house. My Dad told me I needed to learn how to make gravy from Grandma. I guess my Grandma had tried to teach my Mom lots of times, but it just wasn’t her thing. Well, lucky for my Dad, husband, children, and hopefully someday grandchildren – it stuck with me. I can make Grandma’s gravy. And let me tell you there is nothing like homemade gravy. And it really is quite simple!

In a large skillet make a rue by melting 4 TAB butter over low heat. Add 4 TAB all purpose flour and stir over medium heat using a whisk until it is lightly browned.
This gives it a good flavor and takes the “paste” flavor out of it.

Now turn it off until you are ready for the next part. You need 2 cups of liquid. Start off with what is going to give it flavor – your turkey, beef, or sausage drippings from the bottom of the pan. You need at least 1/2 cup. Now add enough water to get to 2 cups. Pour into your flour slowly, whisking constantly to get a thick liquid.
Keep adding water as needed over low heat to get the consistency of gravy you like. Serve warm.
Note: Any leftovers will become “solid” and must be refrigerated, but will loosen up when warmed again.

Whether you are looking for a delicious Thanksgiving side dish, pie, or just a tasty recipe to try this November – you will love these family favorite recipes for November!

Perfect EVERY TIME Pumpkin Pie Recipe - Pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving go together like peanut butter and jelly! But making the best pumpkin pie recipe is tough! Well, after years of perfecting our recipe I've happy to say we've come up with the perfect Thanksgiving desert recipe for November. It will come out perfect every time; plus it is fluffy and oh so delicious! Everyone loves a good apple pie! Whether you are celebrating the Fourth of July, celebrating apple month in September, or whipping up a homemade apple pie to round out your Thanksgiving feast - everyone wants to make the best homemade apple pie! Making a home made apple pie is actually really easy and quick to throw together! Here is our super easy apple pie from scratch recipe that will make you the hostess with the mostess and leave your guests begging for more! Looking for a yummy, pretty addition to your Thanskgiving desserts? This pumpkin roll is simple to make and oh-so-tasty too! Try this easy pumpkin roll recipe for a delicious pumpkin dessert recipes for fall, November, or Thanksgiving too! This is seriously the best pumpin roll recipe we've tried not only for taste, but ease of creating, and presentation too! Looking for super scrumptious Thanksgiving desserts? You will love these easy pecan pie bars! These pecan pie bars are quick to make, bake up perfectly every time, and are one of our family-favorite recipes! Use our simple pecan bars recipe to make a yummy fall dessert perfect for a potluck, Sunday dinner, friends, or holiday treat!

Best Dessert for Thanksgiving

Amazing Thanksgiving Leftover Soup If you are looking for a mouthwatering recipe that uses up leftover turkey, you will go nuts over this EASY Turkey Pot Pie Recipe. I have been known to cook a whole turkey just to get leftover meat to make this flavorful recipe for dinner. Super cute Turkey Snack for Kids is a fun edible turkey craft for kids, to put at everyone spot on the Thanksgiving table or just for a special after school snack in November. One of my favorite breakfast dishes is this homemade monkey bread recipe! This flavorful, moist bread is filled with delicious cinnamon and yeast bed balls that stick together with a sugar glaze for an outrageously yummy mokey bread from scratch! This is way better that the shortcut version where you use pilsbury biscuits - this recipe has a deaper, fuller flavor with not preservatives - just real ingredients for a delicious old fashioned monkey bread!

Delicious Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread REcip Easy Pumpkin Chili Recipe With fall in the air I start cooking up yummy fall favorites at our house! One of our favorite fall recipes is these delicious Easy Pump. They make the kitchen smell heavenly, are easy to make, and their is no sugar in the recipe! Try it and I bet it quickly becomes one of your favorite fall recipes too! pumpkin lava cake

Pumpkin Recipes

Looking for YUMMY Pumpkin Recipes? Try these family favorites:

Learn how to make your own homemade caramel popcorn that tastes even better than storebought, with this easy oven baked recipe. This pineapple cheese ball is the perfect cheese ball recipe! It is slightly sweet with an amazing flavor that will be a favorite with kids and grown ups alike. This is my favorite appetizer recipes. Yummy! Are you looking for a quick and easy fruit dip to serve at your next party or game night? This peanut butter dip is not only simple to make, but is super yummy and versatile too. Use our peanut butter fruit dip with apples, vanilla wafers, pretzels, and other dippers for quick appetizer recipes! With just 3 ingredients you will love this cream cheese fruit dip that has become a family favorite staple throughout the whole year! Yummy appetizers are one of my favorite dinner alternatives and things to serve for holidays and game nights. But finding a variety of sweet, savory, filling, and unique can be challenging. This bacon and water chestnut appetizer is a staple for our parties because it is so delicious and an easy finger food recipes that fills out our menu. So if you are looking for fun appetizers to serve at your next party - you need to try these wter chestnut appetize bacon wrapped!


Get ready for an EPIC month of November with these thanksgiving activities for kids including turkey crafts, science, worksheets, and more!

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Look for the best thanksgiving recipes? Here are our family favorite side dishes, desserts, leftover meals, and more for the holidays.

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