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Blowing Slime Bubbles Kids Activity

Slime is not only a blast to play with in the slime consistency, but it has some other creative uses too like this outrageously fun Blowing Slime Bubbles Kids Activity.


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Blowing Slime Bubbles Kids Activity

Get ready for excited giggles as you try this outrageously fun Blowing Slime Bubbles Kids Activity! All you need is a couple straws, and a batch of our 2 Ingredient WOW Slime recipe.  We got the idea for this kids activities when we were wandering around target and saw the Wubble balls. This isn’t exactly the same thing, but it is loads of fun!

2 ingredient WOW Slime

You will want to add about 1/4 cup more Sta Flo to your 2 Ingredient WOW Slime recipe  to give it a slightly thicker consistency.


You’ll know it is the right consistency because if you press your hand in it and lift it back up it should keep its shape for about 10 seconds.

use a straw to blow slime bubbles

Hold the ball in your hand, insert the straw, and blow. It will blow up just like bubble gum!

Hint: Hold the slime tight around the straw so the air doesn’t escape out the top.

slime bubble ball - oh so cool kids activity

Your kids will be amazed at how big they can make their slime bubble!

you can even blow a slime bubble on the counter

My ten year old came up with this alternative. Put the slime in a blog on the counter. Insert your straw and blow. Check out this amazing slime bubble ball dome you can easily create.

So for all you moms out there who are thinking, “Is it messy?”

So, no it’s not messy. It is amazingly slimy, stretchy, and fun. Just easily swipe it up. Plus it is made using washable glue so it easily comes out of clothes and any residue wipes right off of counters and off hands.

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