Category - Slime

EPIC Construction Slime Recipe

Kids will have a blast digging, mixing, and dumpling this amazing, 2 ingredient Construction Slime for a truly outrageously fun kids activity.

Gummy Bear Edible Slime

This amazing new slime recipe uses actual gummy bears to make this fun-to-play-with edible slime! Are you ready to learn how to make Gummy Bear Edible Slime?

Unicorn Puffy Slime

Your kids are going to love playing with this EPIC puffy Unicorn Puffy Slime that you can squish, squeeze, and rip.

No Stick Gingerbread Slime Recipe

This No Stick Gingerbread Slime Recipe smells just wonderful and is a joy to play with and clean-up because it is NO STICK!

Christmas Fluffy Slime Recipe

This Christmas Fluffy Slime Recipe is such a fun slime recipe, perfect Christmas activities for kids.

Contact Solution Slime Recipe

Your kids are going to love this new Contact Solution Slime Recipe that uses contact solution and glitter to make a stunningly beautiful and fun to play with SLIME!

Easy Spider Slime Recipe

I takes 2 minutes to whip together this fantastic dish soap slime recipe that feels great, smells amazing, and is loads of fun to play with!

Easy Borax Free Gummy Bear Fluffy Slime

Are your kids still as crazy about slime recipes as mine are? You HAVE to try this Easy Borax Free Gummy Bear Fluffy Slime made from gummy bears!

Blowing Slime Bubbles Kids Activity

Slime is not only a blast to play with in the slime consistency, but it has some other creative uses too like this outrageously fun Blowing Slime Bubbles Kids Activity.

2 Ingredient WOW Slime Recipe

You are going to love this simple, perfect-every-time 2 ingredient WOW Slime Recipe! Not only is it a great sensory kids activities, but here are 3 ways to play with slime for toddler, preschool...

Christmas Slime Recipe for Play

Kids will love this fun, silly Christmas Slime Recipe for Play. This is a great Christmas activity for kids of all ages.