FREE Skip Counting Write & Wipe Cards

Friday, May 5, 2017

FREE Skip Counting Write & Wipe Cards

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Building skip counting skills can take time. Kids need to understand the difference between counting forward and skip counting. I love showing kids how to do this using a variety of manipulatives. These fun skip counting cards give students the opportunity to skip count, clip the number and then write it.
FREE Counting by 2s and Counting by 3s Clip, Write & Wipe cards with a fun fairy tale theme. These are great hands on math to help prek, kindergarten, and first grade practice skip counting in a FUN way. (homeschool, math centers)

These fun write and wipe skip counting cards will be a hit with your students!

They are so easy to prepare and best of all, they can be re-used endlessly!

Skip Counting by 2's and 3's

skip counting by 2s and 3s clip cards

Students mastering their skip counting skills will benefit from these task cards. The cards include the same set of four numbers but with one number missing. This makes it easier for kids to count on from the designated number (e.g: 2 count on 2 is 4).

I like getting the kids to clap as they skip count their numbers. So instance skip counting by 2's we add two each time. We clap two times to count on 2 to find the next number, 4. So, 3 clap, 4 clap. This helps kids visualize the numbers and gives them plenty of practice to help them develop their understanding of skip counting.

This activity includes skip counting cards by 2 and 3. Each set of four cards with the same number sequence but with a number missing from the sequence.


hands on math activity for learning to count by 2s and count by 3s

If kids aren't ready to do the larger set of numbers, you could choose the cards you wish to use with them .

To prepare
  • Download these cards (below).
  • Print and use card stock or laminate the pages.
  • Cut the cards out.
  • Store them in a plastic sleeve or file folder.
  • Have dry erase markers and some pegs ready for this activity.
To play
  • Have the kids choose a card then read the sequence of numbers on the top.
  • They clap their hands as they count on to find the number that is missing in the sequence.
  • They clip the number using pegs and write the number using a dry erase marker.

Skip Counting Activities

Download Skip Counting by 2s & 3s Write & Wipe

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