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Turkey Counting by 10’s

Sneak in some fine motor skills work with this clever and fun way to work on skip counting!  With this free Turkey Counting by 10’s printable, your child will count to 100 by skip counting by 10’s.  Your kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students will love this hands-on math printable.
Turkey Counting by 10's kindergarten math printables using q-tips. This fun, unique kindergarten math helps kids practice counting to 100 with a fun turkey activity. Perfect for math centers, thanksgiving units, educational activities, homeschool count by 10s. #skipcounting #turkey #kindergarten
We have created a few fun math printables using q-tips like our math activity inspired by 10 Black Dots and Comparing Numbers math printable.
Using q-tips and paint is a great way to “get outside the box” and enjoy math in a hands-on way!  Q-tips are also a great way to strengthen fine motor skills.
This is a fun Thanksgiving themed activity for Preschool, Kindergarten, and first grade kids.

Counting by 10s Dot to Dot

This Turkey Math Printable will have your child skip counting by 10’s to 100.  We used q-tips and paint to complete our turkey, however, very small buttons, play dough, and/or sequins can also be used.
  • paint
  • q-tips
  • paper plate
turkey math worksheet

Squirt out various colors of paint on a paper plate.  With your child count how many dots are in one group of “feathers.”  Count how many groups of feathers there are and talk about how using this printable your child will count to 100!

Counting by 10s

Beginning with the first group of dots on the left, have your child use a q-tip to color the first 10 dots with paint.  Here is your first group of 10.

Use one color of paint, mix the colors together, make patterns, or paint the dots all different colors– just have fun learning to count by 10’s!

counting by 10's
Next, paint the next group of 10 and so on.  Keep counting and painting groups of 10 til you get to 100!
Helping Little Sis reinforce the 10’s, as we would count 11-20 for instance, I would say “20” with more emphasis– and “30, 40, 50, etc.”
turkey math

Turkey Math

With this colorful turkey math printable, your child will also be able to see 10 groups of 10 make 100.

After the turkey is complete, quickly count by 10’s again.

My daughter loved creating her colorful turkey by mixing paint colors together.  I don’t even think she thought this was “work”– it was just too fun!

free-thanksgiving-color-by-number printable-thanksgiving-bingo-game free-first-thanksgiving-emergent-reader

Thanksgiving Worksheets

FREE printable Thanksgiving hats like turkey, pilgrim hat   FREE FREE Turkey Subtraction Worksheets - fun, hands on educational activity to help kindergarten and first grade kids practice math while having fun with a turkey theme for Thanksgiving #thanksgiving #kindergarten #subtraction

thanksgiving worksheets for kids


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