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FREE Measurement Hunt (Math Challenge for Kids)

Make learning about and practicing measurement fun with this measurement hunt math challenge for elementary age kids.

FREE Measurement Hunt Math Challenge for kids to learn about and practice measuring (hands on math, math practice, homeschool, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 76th grade, 8th grade)

As the school year is winding down and the weather is heating up, perhaps you’re looking for a fun math activity that will keep kids learning, engaged and challenged.

This is no small task this time of year, but hopefully this printable Measurement Hunt will excite your students!

This simple measurement activity can be easily adapted for elementary kids or even middle schoolers.


Measurement Hunt

Materials Needed:

  • Recording page for each student (download below)
  • Question cards printed, laminated and cut out (download below)
  • Rulers, yard or meter sticks, measuring tape and pencils
Measurement Hunt

Measurement Activity for Kids

The object of this measurement activity is for kids to find objects equal to the given measurement.

This simple challenge will help kids practice a variety of measurement skills:

  1. They will learn to correctly use tools such as rulers and yard sticks
  2. They will learn to estimate lengths and sizes of objects
  3. They will practice converting measurements
  4. They will deepen their understanding of fractions as they compare measurements in various units (i.e. 3 inches is equal 1/4 of a foot)

Plus, this would make an excellent opportunity to get outside and explore nature! If the weather’s not cooperating, however, you can also complete this in your home or classroom.

Measurement Hunt

Setting Up the Activity

Set up is extremely easy. Simply print a recording page for each student. Then, print out the question cards (either one page or both). Depending on how many kids are participating, you may need to print multiple copies. For durability, you may also want to print the cards on card stock and then laminate them. This way you can use this again and again as a fun review. Cut out the cards and you’re ready to begin! There are 2 pages of question cards to use with this activity, depending on the age and ability of your students.

The first page focuses on measurement with inches and feet. If you only want to work on these measurements, only print the first page of questions (or print multiple copies if you use this with a large class). The second page of questions includes inches, feet, centimeters and meters, and also uses various measurement terms such as tall, wide, deep, etc. to encourage an understanding of 3D measurements.

To begin, kids can either draw cards 1 at a time, go find an object and record it, then draw a new card, or you can give each student 5 cards at a time and they can complete their entire chart at once.

Measurement Conversions

How to complete the “conversion” section of their chart is entirely up to you. Very young kids can skip this section. For kids being introduced to fractions, you may want to focus only on inches and feet and converting between the two. For instance, if their question is in inches, they would convert to feet and vice versa. With older kids, you may want to leave it open ended. Simply instruct them to convert to one other measurement (of their choice).

Whatever you decide, be sure to make it clear to students before you let them start. You may also want to write the “conversion” instructions on the board for them to refer back to. Once everyone understands the instructions, kids are free to “hunt” for their measurements! This is a great opportunity to practice estimating measurements, as well as starting some great math talks among students.

Wherever you complete this challenge, be sure to have fun comparing measurements and playing with math!

Measurement Hunt

Download Measurement Hunt (Math Challenge for Kids)

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