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Earth Day Homophones Puzzles

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Looking for a fun way to get first grade kids learning homophones? These fun earth day themed ‘tree homophone puzzles’ will have kids learning the use and meanings of common homophones. Targeted instruction in the meaning of the spelling of these words is needed. What better way to practice this using puzzles?! Gone are the days where you just hand out a worksheet and hope the kids are engaged and learning!

FREE Earth Day Homophones Puzzles - these free printable, hands on educational puzzles are a fun way for first grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade kids to practice homophones with a hands on activity perfect for spring, earth day. These are simple, low prep to prepare for extra practice #homophones #earthday

Homophones Activity

A homophones is when two or more words have the same pronunciation but different meanings and spellings such as new and knew.

Print as many of these Earth Day Homophones Puzzles as you need for the number of students in your class! It would be a good idea to laminate these cards so you can use and re-use these as many times as you want. Students find the matching words to assemble the trees.

Earth Day Activities

hands on earth day activities for kids
How to play with these Earth Day Activities:
  • After cutting up the laminated tree cards, have the kids take one puzzle piece at a time.
  • Students will read the homophone found on the card.
  • They will then try to find a word with the same sound on another puzzle card in the deck.
  • They will then either find the meanings of the words in a dictionary or via their laptops or write a sentence with each word in their notebooks.
  • This would work well with ELL students, make sure they have access to a picture dictionary to help them identify the meanings of the words more easily.

Another way you could use these cards is to have the kids read each word and write them in their notebooks as they match the homophones right on their books. This will help them remember the words after they visually matched the puzzles.

Students are very visual, they are more likely to remember the spelling of their homophones after repeated practice of activities such as these. These words can be difficult for young learners, especially ESL learners. Activities like these puzzles will help kiddos understand the meaning and correct spelling of these unique words.

Earth Day for Kids

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Download Earth Day Printables

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