Thursday, September 12, 2013

{free} 50 US State Printables

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Elementary students studying United States History for kids will love the convenience of these FREE state worksheets for kids.
FREE US State Worksheets for kids learning about the united states in homeschool during elementary age kids.

If you are studying the US States with elementary age kids you are going to want to grab these state worksheets.

This blank state worksheet works for any of the 50 states. It includes:

  • State Fact sheet (blank & filled in – I suggest using the blank one for older children and the filled in one for younger children who do not have the skills or patience to fill it in)
    • Nickname
    • Capital
    • Chief Products
    • Brief History
    • Things to See
    • Weather
  • State Fact Sheet #2
    • Where is the state in the US?
    • Longitude & Latitude Map Skills
    • Math Activity as you travel from state to state
    • Did you Know section
    • Population & Size Graphs
  • Map Work (including time zone activity)
  • Plants & Animals

FREE State Specific Worksheet Packs 

When we started out I was planning on making state specific packs, but time just didn't permit. So if you are learning about one of the following states make sure to grab the state specific pack below. If not, the blank state worksheet at the bottom of this post will work for any state you study.

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        1. This is GREAT!!! I've downloaded some of the states, but I think I'm missing a few. Going back to download them now!!! So happy you have Indiana, since we just moved here. I think that's going to be first on our list! YAY!!! What a blessing!! I've shared & pinned!

        2. thanks so much for sharing your awesome printables and making them free for us. we look forward to doing a 50 state study sometime soon (hopefully). these are just what we needed!! We currently have a 4th grader who will be doing a notebook on our state this year. Any chance I could request that you could do Maryland soon so we could use it? Thanks so much!!

        3. Thank you so much! God bless your family!

        4. Thanks for all the great stuff! Can you do Texas? We just had a friend move there and my kids have been asking all about it. Thanks!

        5. Thanks so much for sharing these printables for free, you rock!

        6. Thx so much! Could you do Virginia? Awesome!

          1. We've actually moved on to other subjects and will stick with the general ones here

        7. This is awesome! We roadschool across the USA and I will definitely use these as we study each state that we visit! Any chance of adding Nebraska to the top of your list? We're currently in NE and are beginning a state study of the Cornhusker State this week. Thanks for all of your hard work that you've put into this!

        8. I would love it if you could do one for Washington state. I love this!

          1. We've moved on in our history study. So just grab the blank one =)

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        10. These are amazing!!!! Will you be adding more?

          1. We've actually moved on..... there will be other history worksheets coming soon!

        11. I am having a hard time finding the blank worksheets and the 50 state packet link. Could you please help me?

          Thanks, Heather

          1. Heather,

            At the very bottom of the post under the terms of use, click on the text link >> Download ___ <<. It will open as a PDF in google drive. Enjoy =)

        12. Good afternoon! Did I miss the opportunity to get this? When I click on it, it comes up blank. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help!