Monday, June 10, 2013

Crat Stick bracelets kids activity
I’ve been so excited to try making a craft stick bracelet as part of our Summer Bucket List.

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This kids activity is a science experiment and kids craft mixed into one!
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Craft Stick Bracelet Craft

Science Experiment for Kids - Soaking Craft Sticks to make pliable
First you need to soak your jumbo size craft stick for 5 hours or so. (Note: the colored craft sticks do not absorb the water as well since they have already absorbed the dye)

Bending Craft Sticks

Reshapping craft stick kids activity
Test one of your craft stick by slowly, gently applying pressure to bend it. I put ours in a small glass to take that shape. Leave it to dry thoroughly, about 24 hours. (Note: you will have some sticks break, just make sure you soak more than you think you’ll want.)
Craft Stick Bracelet

Decorating Your Craft Stick Bracelet

After the craft sticks are completely dry you can remove them from your mold. We have a nice bracelet size and shaped craft stick. 
 Decorating Craft Stick Bracelet kids activity   Mod Podge to decorate Craft Stick Bracelet
We cut scrapbook paper just smaller than the craft stick. Then Minnie (5) painted the outside of the bracelet with mod podge. We pressed the scrapbook paper on and worked to get out any bubbles. Apply another thin layer of mod podge to act as a barrier and to add a nice shine to the bracelet.
 Mod Podge Decorated Craft Stick BraceletAllow your bracelet to dry thoroughly, about 2-3 hours. 
summer bucket list activity   Kids craft craft stick bracelet
Here are the finished craft stick bracelets. They were super fun to make and Minnie is delighted to wear hers!
Note: I first saw this craft on Craft Affection. Make sure to pop over and see her ‘professional looking’ craft stick bracelets!

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