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8 Fun Pool Games for Kids

Lucky enough to live in warm temperatures all year round or have a pool right outside your back door?  Use that pool to your advantage and learn while you splish and splash!  But if not, don’t fret, you can take these fun activities to the public pool!  Sneak in some learning with these fun pool games for kids!

8 FUN Pool games for kids - these educational play and learn games are a great way to sneak in some summer learning for toddler, preschool, and kindergarten age kids. #summerlearning #poolgames #kidsactivities

As I write this my Midwest bones are wishing for the warmth and sunshine to come NOW!  If you are in the same boat, save these fun ideas for later.  Pool days are a coming!  If you happen to be one of the lucky ones to live much further south than us, you can get a head start and perhaps start playing some of these fun pool games for kids NOW!

** This should go without saying, but please be mindful with children and water.  Adult supervision is a must! **  These games can be adapted to play in various depths of water.  You know your child best.  Feel free to even adapt some of these games to a smaller inflatable pool and/or toddler pool so the little ones don’t feel left out!

Pool Games for Kids

Everyone knows the standard Marco Polo, basketball, somersaults, and other pool games. We wanted to share some pool games for kids that are educational to sneak in some summer learning. Here are the best 8 play and learn activities for kids during the summer.

This Sight Word Dive game is a fun learning activity for the pool

Sight Word Dive – I Can Teach My Child

Re-purpose those diving sticks to practice high frequency sight words.  I love that this activity can be adaptable to a variety of concepts!

Kids will love practicing spelling when they get to play in the pool

Swimming Pool Scrabble – Toddler Approved

How fun is this idea?  Practice making words with this Swimming Pool Scrabble Game!

This simple DIY memory game is lots of fun to play in the pool

Pool Noodle Memory Game – Surviving a Teacher’s Salary

Here’s a game that even the littles can enjoy in the shallow end!  Use letters, numbers, and/ or shapes and play memory!

sneak in some math fun at the pool with this addition pool game

DIY Sponge Ball Target Game – Fun Loving Families

Sneak in addition with larger numbers for the older kiddos with this pool game for kids.

This number recognition is a fun kids activities

Floating Numbers Pool Game – Paging Fun Mums

I love this creative use of corks to practice numbers in the pool!This colorful pool game is a fun way to practice reading sight words in the pool

Sight Word Swim – Coffee Cups and Crayons

Another fun sight word game using plastic balls!  Again, feel free to adapt this to some other learning concept!

So many clever pool number sense games

Pool Math Games – Toddler Approved
Toddler Approve shares several fun ways to build number sense all while in the pool!

Treasure Dive (aka Penny Dive) –

After you have spent your school year learning how to count money, kids will LOVE this fun incentive to practice some more!  Simple gather various coins and throw them into the pool.  Have your child wade and/or dive (depending on ability) and gather the coins.  After all the “treasure” has been collected, count to see how much money you found!
play and learn games for the pool

Play and Learn

Hope you enjoy learning and playing in the pool this summer!  Get creative and don’t let your kiddos succumb to the “summer slide” with these fun pool games for kids! Have any other fun ways to learn and play while in the pool?  Share below!!
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