Fall Leaf Printing with Markers

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fall Leaf Printing with Markers

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My kids love collecting leaves in the fall! So we end up wit lots of beautiful leaves from our daily walks. I was trying to find something different to do with the leaves, you know other than just crayon leaf rubbings or preserving leaves. So we made fall leaf prints with markers. It was a huge hit at our house so I thought I’d share it with you too.
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Fall Leaf Prints with Markers

Fall Leaf Printing with Markers You will need some nice, not dried up, leaves. When the leaves are dried out they will absorb all the liquid from the marker and they won’t make prints.
we did it on a piece of paper so she could get the edgesColor the back with a variety of markers. Put is on as thick as you can, and go as quickly as you can – again so the leaves don’t absorb the marker.
 put a piece of paper on top and use a rolling pin to rub off
Now put a piece of paper above and below your leaf and using a rolling pin or hard book press down. You are making a leaf print on the paper.

Marker Leaf Print Activity for Kids

here is the pretty leaf print you get When you pull back the paper and carefully pull up the leaf here is what you are left with. Isn’t it beautiful!
put on lots of marker ink and go quickly so it doesn't soak into the leaf My kids did lots of them. Each time they came out slightly different depending on the colors they used, how moist the leaf still was, and how quickly they went. It made such pretty prints.

Fall Leaf Print Art for Kids

Here is our beautiful leaf art craft for kids all doneWe also made leaf prints in solid colors we arranged on a piece of paper and then matted with a contrasting yellow construction paper. It was such a fun way to capture the beauty of fall in a creative kids craft.

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  1. We will be trying this! I like how the leaf itself looks after it's been colored on too!!

  2. What a easy, creative project!