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  • Kids will love making these clever leaf crafts, practicing alphabet letters, going on a leaf scavenger hunt, and tons of other fun leaf activities for kids.

Why do Leaves Change Color Science Experiment

Kids will be WOWED with this hands-on, fall science experiment where they will explore Why do Leaves Change Color. Perfect for kids of all ages in the fall! Post Updated: Post originally published...

Fall Nonsense Words Activity

Are you looking for an engaging activity to help your beginning readers? This real vs. Fall Nonsense Words Activity is a perfect activity to help with decoding and blending skills. Your little...

FREE Fall Leaf Alphabet Letters Match

Keep pre-k and kindergarten kids engaged with this Fall Leaf Alphabet Letters Match. They will have fun practicing letter recognition and using visual discrimination with our free printable fall leaf...

FREE Counting Fall Leaves

These counting fall leaves mats are a fun way to encourage counting to 10 and are effective for preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten kids.

Kadinsky Inspired Fall Art Project for Kids

Wassily Kandinsky, the abstract expressionist artist, is well-known for his concentric circles. Your child can study the art of Kandinsky, while creating her own artist-inspired painted collages...

Fall LEAF Scavenger Hunt

Get outdoors with your kids this fall and enjoy the beauty around you as you enjoy this fun, Fall Leaf Scavenger Hunt.

Fall Leaf Printing with Markers

My kids love collecting leaves in the fall! So we end up wit lots of beautiful leaves from our daily walks. I was trying to find something different to do with the leaves, you know other than just...

36 Leaf Crafts for Kids

Kids will have fun recreating the beauty of fall these these 36 fun, creative, and unique Leaf Crafts for Kids of all ages.