April 25, 2023
20 Creative Ways to Learn with Flower

20 Creative Ways to Learn with Flower


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Spring is here, bringing beautiful flowers with it. Your children would love to take a break from their studies to smell the roses. With these STEM activities for preschoolers, elementary students, and middle schoolers, they can smell the roses, and make them their studies!

20 CREATIVE ways to learn with flowers this spring and summer

Creative Ways to Learn with Flower

Science terms: observation, experiment, and engineer

  • The authors of these activities have some brilliant ideas for learning with flowers, but in some of the articles the terms get a little sloppy. Science is anytime you’re studying the physical world, so all of these fun flower activities fit. Observation is a vital science skill that often goes without recognition. Anytime you’re simply watching or smelling you are observing. Don’t cut this important skill short.
  • Sometimes observation activities are called experiments. An activity is only an experiment  if you are testing one idea versus another one in order to answer a question. But, just because an activity isn’t an experiment doesn’t mean it isn’t great science.
  • Engineering projects are also sometimes called experiments. If you’re building, or manipulating in order to get a specific result, you’re engineering.
  • The following list has observation, experimental, and engineering activities for every age. You’ll even find some good books to build your child’s literature skills along the way. Spend some time on all three skills for a wonderful well rounded lesson.

Preschool flower learning activities

preschool flower activities for kids


Elementary flower study activities

Creative Ways to Learn with Flower



Creative Ways to Learn with Flower

Middle School STEM with flowers


Flower Activities


Happy spring, and Happy flower STEM learning!

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