Monday, May 20, 2013

You’ve all been asking for the next in the Reading the Easy Way Series. I have been working hard to get the first grade reading one ready for you before summer and today it’s here! Presenting . . . Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade!
Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade - first grade reading

What other are saying about Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade

Yana says:
My son loves Reading the Easy Way. Now I've got the whole bundle!!!
Angie says:
Oops.....I just realized that I bought your Reading the Easy Way Program for 1st grade twice. If you can, please refund one of the purchase prices I'd appreciate it. If not, I actually think your curriculum is worth the money, so I'll just groan and bear it!  Note: Her duplicate purchase was refunded!

Life with More Babies Review "The readers seemed to be a good level ...... Easy enough that she wasn't overwhelmed, but still a little challenging."
Mummy Knows Reviews "My daughter loves that she can see the words she has mastered on the progress chart" 

How Long Does Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade Take:

In just 15 minutes a day / 5 days a week  your child will do fun activities, play games, complete 1st grade worksheets, and first grade reading books.  The program adds 5 new words every week and has 9 reinforcement activities to combine fun and repetition to have your child mastering key words and enjoying reading! 
The program takes 8 weeks. Although it can be can be completed at any time, it is the perfect length to complete during the summer months to avoid the 30% summer learning loss! Your child will practice reading and truly master 1st grade Dolch sight words (both reading and spelling) to be ready to tackle the next school year!

Ages: 5-7

Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade Program Sample
This program is based on the 1st Grade Dolch Word list . It can be used immediately after Reading the Easy Way Kindergarten OR for children in 1st grade. It is a wonderful supplement to a public school, private school, or homeschool language arts curriculum. Mastering the Dolch sight words is so important to helping your child read well and confidently!

What’s Included:
8 Week Lesson Plan (little prep with clearly labeled sheets!)
Roll & Read Game / Flashcards
Trace! Read! Stamp! – 1st grade worksheets
Sight Word Coloring – 1st grade worksheets
Word Search – 1st grade worksheets
Trade’m Cars – first grade reading game
Chugga Chugga Sentences – building sentences game
Dino Feet – first grade reading
Safari Train Words - Game
Sight Word Bingo (2 versions) - Game
8 [1st Grade] Readers – first grade reading

Weekly Activities At-A-Glance – For those of you who are more visual (like I am). Here is a sample of what you would do on a weekly basis. The included lesson plans go into more details.first grade reading and 1st grade worksheets


Help your 1st Grader Master Key Sight Words Essential for Reading

Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade

Cost: $10*
Add Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade to Cart 
*Licensed for 1 family. If you are using it with a coop or classroom please purchase a teacher licensed version at my TPT store.

 Disclaimer: Because this is a downloadable file and cannot be physically returned, there are no refunds offered on purchases. If you have questions, please be sure to ask before buying ~ I would be happy to help you out!


Reading the Easy Way BUNDLE [Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade]

only $25*  Add to Cart
*Licensed for 1 family. If you are using it with a coop or classroom please purchase a teacher licensed version at my TPT store.

Disclaimer: Because this is a downloadable file and cannot be physically returned, there are no refunds offered on purchases. If you have questions, please be sure to ask before buying ~ I would be happy to help you out!

1st Grade Summer Learning RRR-

Don’t forget to grab your 1st Grade Summer Learning RRR
These 45+ worksheets will systematically help your child review 1st grade math, 1st grade grammar, 1st grade reading/writing! Say good-by to 30% summer learning loss!! Worksheets coordinate with Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade to work seamlessly together for a {mini} 8 week summer school.

Make sure to visit my {free}Printables Page to see my 150+ free printables sorted by subject! Enjoy!



This post was written by:

Beth Gorden is a homeschooling mother of three who strives to enjoy every moment with her kids through hands-on learning, crafts, new experiences, and lots of playing together. Beth is also the creator and author of 123Homeschool4Me where she shares 200+ {free} printables, creative homeschool lessons, crafts, and other fun ideas to help preschool and homeschooling families have fun while learning and exploring together.
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  1. WOW! I could actually use the preschool, K and 1st grade one! That would be amazing! I will have to seriously consider this! Looks amazing! I just spent the school year volunteering in my daughter's first grade class testing kids on Dolch words and Frye Phrases all year. Some kids flew through and some struggled so badly! I can see this as very helpful for them! I'll have to recommend it to the teacher for summer help for those kids!

    1. Thank you for such a sweet comment! I too have found that sight words can be difficult for kids to master, but are so crucial for reading! I know this program has helped my own children immensely! I hope it blesses lots of families!!

  2. Okay, I was going to just order the multiple pack...but the you can;t get the summer RRRfree deal? Or are those gone already?

    1. Suz,

      Sorry about the glitch. Read back through it I added a special button that will put both products in the same bundle - but it will only work for the first 25 customers.

      Enjoy =-)

  3. Would love for our boys! Looks awesome!

  4. This looks fantastic to use during the summer! I want to make sure my daughter is continuing with all that she has learned and we are traveling soooo much over the next few months that homeschool was going to take a backseat. This looks portable and exactly what I need!

  5. I would enjoy trying this with my boys.

  6. I am heading into my 2nd year of homeschooling and still looking for a good reading program for my daughter...this sounds like a fabulous one that i would LOVE to try with her.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. this program looks great and oh so easy, more engaging than the program we are using with my 4 yr old.

  9. Looks great! I've been using your K program so I'm sure this will be a great addition.

    1. Cherie, if you don't win it... make sure to email me with your story, favorite part, etc. about Readidng the Easy Way K to get a special offer on Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade =)

  10. if my boy were in first grade this would be great. :) But I'd love to share it with a family in need...

    Annette @ a net in time

  11. I could really use all of these, especially for free with money right now. Praying on the rafflecopter to pick me. I love your site. My daughter is just starting to really get into enjoying reading and into phonics sounds.

  12. This would be fantastic for my three littlest ones!

  13. I would like to win it because it seems like a struggle to get my daughter to learn new words.

    This makes it seem like fun.

  14. This would be so useful! Great job!

  15. We love to give are daughter a boast through the summer!

  16. This is so awesome! My lil girls and eventually their brother would really benefit from this I think :)

  17. This looks like so much fun!

  18. I have too starting first grade homeschooling and we get deep into it while the school kids are out. This would be a blessing to have it all ready to go. We are adding to out family in July and my oldest daughter will be helping homeschool the little ones while I recover and to have it already set up and ready to go would be perfect. Thanks for all you do!

  19. I'd love to have this for my daughter! Good practice for her this summer!

  20. My daughter is entering 1st in the fall and is really struggling. I bought the bundle and hope it helps her :) I love to read and she just hates it.

  21. I'm a teacher and a mom so I can see using it at both home and school!

  22. My daughter will be starting 1st grade nd this looks like a great way to help with her reading. Facebook login name blue racer.

  23. I would use this to ensure my son does not lose out on learning/maintaining what I've taught during the year. My husband works during the school year and I work during the summer. Having a program such as this allows my husband to pick up right where I left off.

  24. My daughter will be starting 1st grade nd this looks like a great way to help with her reading. Facebook login name blue racer.

  25. We're starting our 1st year of homeschool this fall with 1st grade. That would be an amazing addition to our curriculum!

  26. I've got an upcoming 1st grader. This could be very useful!!

  27. I would love to win this for homeschooling my daughter!

  28. I would love to win this for my son and daughter! This sounds great!

  29. It looks like a effective program to start with my beginning readers ;)

  30. Three if my five boys still need to learn to read. I need all the help I can get! :)

  31. We are currently working through Reading the Easy way and my daughter is LOVING it and all the fun activities! This would be perfect to just continue on the journey to reading!

  32. I would like to win because I have a 1st grade reader currently and a pre-reader right behind her.

  33. I would love this for my daughter and my 5 year old nephew!

  34. I would like to win for my daughter with learning disabilities. Reading the Easy Way looks like exactly what she needs to get over the hurdle. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  35. This is our first year homeschooling our twin boys and this would be a real blessing! I would really like to get my hands on *the winning* copy!! Thank you, for this opportunity!!

  36. I'd love to win Reading the Easy Way since my 1st grade son has been working hard on his reading skills. This looks like a perfect summer supplement.

  37. This looks amazing ! I think this would really help my son.


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