November 12, 2022
Dot to Dot Printables

Dot to Dot Printables


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Dot-to-dot printables are great for learning new skills and reviewing familiar skills, all while having fun. Here are many number dot-to-dot and alphabet printables you can use to teach and review number identification, counting, skip counting, letter names and alphabetical order. Each activity will end with the creation of a new picture for your child to enjoy!

Kids will have learning a variety of skills from alphabet to math and more with these super cute, FREE Dot to Dot Printables for kids of all ages. #dottodot #dottodotprintables #freeprintables #education

Number Dot-to-Dot Printables

Number Dot-to-Dot printables are fun ways to teach new math skills and practice developing skills. Check out this list of math dot-to-dot printables for number identification, counting and skip counting fun!

  1. Practice skip counting with this Under the Sea Dot to Dot.
  2. Practicing skip counting will be fun with these skip counting dot to dot worksheets.
  3. Your kids will have fun with these animal dot-to-dot printables.
  4. These Christmas dot-to-dot printables are lots of fun for Christmas.
  5. Let your kids create farm animals with these farm animal dot-to-dot printables.
  6. Here are festive Christmas dot-to-dot sheets for kids to enjoy at Christmas.
  7. These winter dot-to-dot printables are great for counting wild it’s cold outside!
  8. This is a great set of animal dot-to-dot printables to practice counting.
  9. These animal dot-to-dot printables give children the opportunity to practice counting 1-49.
  10. Learn about bees and other fun topics while practicing number order with these dot-to-dot worksheets.
  11. Connect the numbers 1-25 to create beautiful pictures with these dot-to-dots.

Dot to Dot for Kids

Alphabet Dot-to-Dot Printables

Alphabet Dot-to-Dot printables are great ways to keep young learners engaged in letter identification and alphabetical order activities. Enjoy using these creative alphabet dot-to-dot printables for teaching and reviewing letter names and letter order.

  1. Kids will have fun writing letters with this alphabet dot-to-dot activity.
  2. Kids can practice alphabetical order with these alphabet animal dot-to-dot printables.
  3. Have kids discover an underwater creature by connecting the letters of the alphabet in this underwater dot-to-dot activity.
  4. Kids can create a penguin or other fun pictures by connecting letters in these dot-to-dot activities.
  5. Practice letter order with capital letters with this capital letter dot-to-dot printable.

Enjoy these educational and fun Number Dot-to-Dot and Alphabet Dot-to-Dot printables! Your kids will love the reward of creating a new picture at the completion of each worksheet.

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