FREE St Patricks Day Counting Cards

Counting and number recognition is an important part of early childhood education, and a wide variety is important. With St Patricks Day on the horizon these free printable counting cards kids will have a little holiday theme with extra counting practice, ten-frame work, and handwriting practice.
FREE St Patricks Day Counting cards - these are such a fun way for preschool, prek, and kindergarten age kids to practice counting, ten frames, and handwriting in march.

My twins are working on one-to-one correspondence right now. They are great at counting due to our singing time each morning, but we are still struggling with counting objects. We daily count random objects, but we have also worked through these fun St. Patrick day readers. Each book focuses on one number, and my little ones have also learned some vocabulary that is associated with this upcoming celebration.

We are now moving onto these interactive cards, and getting in some fine motor practice too!

St Patricks Day Math

st Patrick's day counting cards writing number

What is included

These cards will provide extra counting practice for the numbers 1 - 10. There are two cards for each number, making a total of 20 cards.


There is just a few step in preparing these cards for use with your 3-5-year-olds.
  • Print off cards on card stock
  • Cut them out
  • Laminate
  • Provide a dry erase marker
square st Patrick's day counting cards ten frame

St Patricks Day Math

These cards are easy to use, and have the children doing three steps!
  • The children begin by counting the objects on the cards. They may be counting the coins, the shamrocks in a field, dots on a hat, cupcakes on a plate, or candy in a jar.
  • Once they have figured out how many objects are on the card, they then cross off that many squares in the ten frame.
  • Finally, they practice writing that number in the star. If you have a child is new at writing numbers, you may want to provide a cheat sheet for them to look at while writing their numbers.
st Patrick's day counting cards counting

Enjoy this time building number sense and fine motor skills with your kiddos.

St Patricks Day Crafts

Download St Patricks Day Counting Cards

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