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Jello Animal Cell Project

Kids will have fun learning about biology with these fun hands-on activities like Jello Animal Cell Project and food chains.

Jello Animal Cell Project - this is such a fun, hands on science project for kids learning about animal cells. Great resources and explanation on how to use various items including candy to make and edible animal cell #animalcells #scienceforkids #homeschooling

Science has become the most anticipated subject in our homeschool this year.

And as a homeschool mom there isn’t much better than seeing your kids excited about learning!

Since not all homeschoolers are very comfortable with or excited about Science (I have to admit that was me), I wanted to share some of the home school Science fun we’ve been having to inspire and encourage you!


Big Bang Theory Nonsense

Homeschool Science Fun - The Big Bang TheoryI love all the hands on ideas from our homeschool science curriculum – Christian Kids Explore Biology. Some of them are simple like the wonderful card visual to help children understand the absurdity of the big bang theory.  Some are more involved like our Jell-O Animal Cells. But all of them are clearly explained and really make our homeschool science curriculum come alive to my kids.

We’ve also enjoyed lots of great fieldtrips to see animals up close & personal this fall. I think fieldtrips are one of my favorite part of homeschooling!


Jello Cell Model

One of our favorite hands on Science activity so far has been making a jello animal cell. First we learned what cells do and their structure. Then we built a candy cell model with candy we had laying around. (Note: This is a great kids activity to use of the extra Halloween candy!)

jello animal cells

animal cell project

You can use any flavor Jell-O or candy for your animal cells project, but here is what we used and is pictured above.

  • Cytoplasm – Green Jell-O
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum – Licorice
  • Vacuole – Whopper
  • Lysosome – M&Ms
  • Goigi Apparatus – Banana taffy
  • Ribosomes – Sprinkles
  • Mitochondrion – mini Tootsie Roll
  • Nucleus – Pear & Jaw Breaker (a peach would work great, but we ate ours for snack instead)

Science Coloring Sheets

Science Coloring Sheets

My kids love the coloring pages they do along with our science units.

The coloring sheets give my kids something to do with their hands while I read information from the lesson to them. Plus it allows my toddler to feel like she can “do school” with us too. And if you homeschool with younger children – you know what a big deal that is! (Coloring sheets are included in the Christian Kids Explore Biology and are permitted to be copied for your own students – YEAH!

NOTE: If you have upper elementary aged kids, the curriculum has worksheets to go along with each lesson too.

Food Chains for KidsHomeschool Science - Food Chain

Although Christian Kids Explore Biology is a complete curriculum containing all the information, pictures, worksheets, diagrams, and even website links you’ll need for a year of homeschool Science. Our family has really enjoyed checking out some living books from our local library to better see God’s amazing world in full color.  We check out different books every week exploring the topics in our upcoming lessons. Here is more on living books if you are not familiar with Charlotte Mason homeschooling. (Our families homeschool style is eclectic, we follow bits and pieces from lots of different homeschooling styles) 

FREE Biology Vocabulary FlashcardsScience - Biology Flashcards for Elementary Kids (freebie!)

If you are studying Biology, don’t miss the FREE Biology Vocabulary Flashcards I shared. These are a great way to learn and review key vocabulary your student will need to be familiar with all throughout school.

More Homeschool Science Fun

Jello Animal Cell Project - this is such a fun, hands on science project for kids learning about animal cells. Great resources and explanation on how to use various items including candy to make and edible animal cell #animalcells #scienceforkids #homeschooling

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