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Jello Cell Model

Kids will have fun learning about biology with this fun hands-on science activity for learning about animal cells and human body cells too. This Jello Cell Model is fun for kindergarten, first grade...

BEST Peeps Playdough Recipe

In under 2 minutes you can make the BEST peeps playdough with just 3 ingredients. This easy playdough recipe is EDIBLE! The epic Easter activity for toddlers, preschoolers, pre k, kindergartners...

Jelly Beans Senses Science Experiments

Science experiments can be so much fun for kids, especially when the experiment is yummy! Try this jelly bean taste experiment to learn more about the sense of taste and how it is linked to the sense...

Gummy Bear Edible Slime

This amazing new slime recipe uses actual gummy bears to make this fun-to-play-with edible slime! Are you ready to learn how to make Gummy Bear Edible Slime?

Easy Borax Free Gummy Bear Fluffy Slime

Are your kids still as crazy about slime recipes as mine are? You HAVE to try this Easy Borax Free Gummy Bear Fluffy Slime made from gummy bears!

35 Kool Aid Recipes for Play

Kool Aid is not just to make a kids drink! You can use it to make some super creative Kool Aid Recipes for Play, dye Easter eggs, and make a whole slew of play recipes for kids activities. Here are...

Candy and Simple Machine Science Project

Candy is always a fun way to learn STEM. This Candy and Simple Machine Science Project uses simple machines project presents a great way to talk about the transition between potential energy and...

Jelly Bean STEM Rainbow Activity

STEM activities engage kids in using interdisciplinary skills from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to find solutions to inquiries through hands-on investigation. The Jelly Bean STEM...

National Candy Day Learning Activities (Nov. 4)

Did you know that November 4th is National Candy Day? This is the perfect time to take some of the candy that your children may have gathered in October and use it for educational purposes this month...

Candy Science – Water Displacement Experiment

When you have too much candy in the house it is time to get creative! We decided to try a candy science activity. This easy Water Displacement Experiment is a fun way to teach simple science...

15 Science Experiments to EAT

Kids love doing science experiments. Here are some outrageously fun science experiments that your kids can actually eat!

Jesus Tempted in the Desert

Kids of all ages will enjoy this Sunday School Lessons on Jesus Tempted in the Dessert.  This lesson includes minute to win it activities to tempt the kids, a cute and simple sand art craft, and more!

19 Edible Science Experiments

Help your kids dive into the exciting world of science with these 19 really FUN Edible Science Experiments perfect for kids of all ages.